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Dobro pozalovat!


Dun shy lah!

Kalós orisate!




 Join us LIVE on "LIVING DAYTON"  for our recipe and a cooking demonstration of our winning combination:


When:  March 31, 2014

Channel:  WDTN TV 2

"I'll reveal some of my secret ingredients and recipe for my delicious batter for the perfect crispy-fried chicken wings, & delicious Hot, Fluffy  Belgian Waffles, that can stand alone!  Our Barista 125 Gal, Amanda McLovinn, will help me with this live cooking demonstration!"

Thank you to the Producer and Hosts for such an opportunity and the showcase of:

Cafe 125, The Coffee House & Waffles

4456 Powell Road, Powell Shopping Plaza, Huber Heights, OH 45424

1 (937) 718-2236  

Open:  Tues - Sun 8am-6pm


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Welcome Friends from .......

United States             Ukraine                        Italy                                       Guinea

Canada                        Australia                      Chile                                       Russian Federation

Great Britain             Brazil                             Japan                                    Afghanistan

Germany                     Portugal                       India                                      Turkey

France                          China                             Netherlands                       Philippines

Kuwait                          Hong Kong                 Former Czechoslovakia

Denmark                     Venezuela                   Israel                                      Mexico

Puerto Rico                 Romania                     Colombia                             Taiwan

Egypt                              Iraq                               Thailand



The Topplez Corporation, with my headquarters in New York and offices here in Ohio, I bring

 to you the home of Topplez Corporation's products and Coffee House, where my goal is to

 'create everlasting childhood memories in tastes and things you can remember.Remember

when chocolate taste like chocolate?  And you woke up to cold milk bottles outside your front

door?  This list could go on and on.  Using the best ingredients to create a healthy, cold-coffee

alternative, energy drinks are out and healthy is in!  Don't let the copy-cats fool you.  Being the

first, means we have learned to provide you with the best in cold-coffee beverages. 


What is "125" ?

I am the beverage manufacturer of the cold-coffees:  125 Cafe Gourmet and 125 Vanilla

Complex-B, made with 100% Arabica Coffee Espresso from the fields of Colombia, Organic Vanilla

Enriched Soy, & Pure Spring Water; are just some of the basic ingredients of both my cold-coffees.

Each one formulated to suit your taste buds and your bodies needs.  125  has 125 mg of caffeine

per 8 oz serving, 13 grams of  muscle-building protein, blended with 10 different chocolates, nuts

& creams for a smooth, creamy, delicious cold-coffee alternative.  The protein used in my

cold-coffees contain Chlorophyll, Spirulina, Inisitol, Bromelain, Papaya, complete Vitamin B

Complexes (B1,B2,B3,B5,B6,B9,B11, and B19) and Apple pectin fibres, to aid in the metabolism of

proteins and carbohydrates in the body.  My cold-coffee's are for  TRUE connoisseurs with

exquisite taste!     As always, ........... Taking You To New Heights!





What's News!


Welcome Ireland & Singapore!

Love making new friends in far away places!  Welcome to Topplez Corporation's website dba Cafe 125, The Coffee House

& Waffles!  Find out more about us by visiting:  Topplez Then & Now page!  Thanks for your support.  Peace & Blessings!




Comedian Steve Mac

....with Comedian Steve Mac!

Visit his televised Fox TV performance on 'LAUGHS' at LAUGHSTVSHOW.COM!  Support your local comedians! 

Congratulations Mr. Mac!



Cafe 125 Cooking TV Show!

In talks for a new cooking segment of the Cafe 125 TV Show!  This will follow after the release of our Cafe 125 Reality TV!



Baylie Street



Baylie Street will be the Cafe 125 spokesperson for the April 11, 2015 CAFE 125 COMEDY SEGMENT of Burnmill Productions

FILMSPEAK with William L. Miller. I will attempt to redo my intro of the segment followed by her intro of each comedian

delivering a brief bio of their past and present performances. Each comedian will have four (4) minutes to deliver their

best standup material as Baylie Street represents Cafe 125, The Coffee House & Waffles - Topplez Corporation at this

televised event!


Vincent Holiday
Mike Canestaro
Rich Jones and
Matt Vanderpool!

Photos from her published works.





Here is my participation in the film project for Burnmill Productions!  What the heck was I doing?  Here is a clip from

the youtube footage below.  I only got one take to get it right and my eyes couldn't focus on the one camera.  I was

 searching for which camera was on me.  Next time ....... Mr. Cameraman ... I vow to wow!


I only got one take to get it right!  Of course, me acting like I'm five! But here is the first release (with my participation)

of William L. Miller's tv show:  FilmSpeak (a Burnmill Productions).  I think I can, I think I can, I think I can .... gotta

do better next time!  You'll see!

Thank you Cafe 125, The Topplez Corporation for giving ME this chance to do more than I ever thought I could.

Thanks to all the models/actresses who did not take me seriously so I could do this myself!  Taking You To New Heights!

... i told you so ....



The Cafe 125 Comedy Segment:

     Featuring Comedian:  Dave Beals 

     Time Frame:  17:40 seconds (My introduction)

     Time Frame:  17:41 -24:37  Dave Beals Standup Performance


Well, since I couldn't find any models/actress to introduce some of Dayton, Ohio's funniest comedians, I took it upon

myself to introduce these amazing and talented performers. At 17:40 seconds, I announce the upcoming comedian, which

I VOW to not act retarded when introducing the next comedian.  William L. Miller is the host/director of FILMSPEAK.  Each

week we will try to post all participants of the Cafe 125 Comedy Segment, and I will have to reshoot my introduction, in a

more serious manner.  I need Makeup!  Follow Dave Beals on facebook, link below:!/DaveBealsComedy?fref=ts




Darryl Alexander Evans, the Artist


Darryl Alexander Evans, the Artist will be demonstrating his exceptional drawing skills at our Cafe beginning Wednesday,

March 18, 2015.  These are FREE EXHIBITS.  Come dine with us, order your favorite espresso, cappuccino or just come

make new friends while we watch Mr. Evans' creations from start to finish.  Now, these creations will not be

completed in one sitting, so come and enjoy yourself in our laid-back environment!  Cafe 125,The Coffee House &

Waffles, located at 4456 Powell Road, Huber Heights, OH!  Taking You To New Heights!

.... i told you so ....








The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show!

Our Reality TV Show is Complete

We have collected enough footage for two episodes of my reality show:  Cafe 125 The Reality TV.  Now on to editing,

then release followed by my Cooking Show now in talks!

A Burnmill Productions

William "Rusty" Pietrzak, Cameraman

William L. Miller, Cameraman


Our national AMAZON campaign will be coming to an end.  Thanks to Barista 125 Gal,

Brandi Boo for her remarkable service and excellence in skills during her employment

with Topplez Corporation!  Peace & Blessings, my friend, and Thank you.





We did it and we were invited back!

Krogers, Englewood, Ohio; February 7, 2015

Next Expo:  February 14, 2015

Time:  11am-3pm

Where:  Krogers Englewood, OH  (Marketplace entrance)


                                       We took a moment for a photo op.   (Alexis, Barista 125 Gal)



     We brought downsouth to Ohio!                            My "Cafe 125 Chicken & Waffles Syrup" collection



                             What's the best way to make new friends?  Good food!


Today we featured our foods and products in Krogers, Englewood!  We were invited to return next week ... bringing downsouth to Ohio!  They will even provide an extra table, and outlets to make an even more grand displayed event!  I made Chicken & Waffles, featured our house syrups and served our delicious Cafe 125 cold coffee beverages!  It was so amazing, that we ran out of everything, so they invited us back next week!

We will be serving our hot Belgian waffles, and our crispy fried chicken wings engulfed in our amazing syrup collections! Experience downsouth at Krogers, Englewood Ohio.  Thanks for this amazing opportunity, again!



Upcoming Marigold Festival:  September 12, 2015

Thank you City of Huber Heights!  So very much!!!!!

Could only copy and past content.  We could not upload our original invitation to this years Marigold's Festival given by the City of Huber Heights 2015!  We will be our original selves:  THE OUTDOOR CAFE! Providing all your coffee and breakfast needs.  It looks like we will be allowed to set up much earlier this year to provide all your morning coffee and breakfast needs!
City of Huber Heights
SEPTEMBER 12, 2015
11:00 AM to 7:00 PM


Musical groups will be scheduled to perform throughout the day offering a variety of styles and types of music.  A Kids Zone will be available so the children can have fun too! Lots of good food!
We invite you to be a part of our festival.




Now serving:
5114 Old Troy Pike
Huber Heights, OH
5701 Old Troy Pike
Huber Heights, OH

Café 125 Gourmet Teasers & 125 Vanilla Complex B
13 grams of Protein, Cholorphyll, Bromelain, Papaya, & Pectin Fibres
and 125 mg of caffeine per 8oz serving.
All Good, All Natural!





Cafe 125 Gourmet Teaser  & Cafe 125 Vanilla Complex B


       Pit Stop Drive Thru, Old Troy Pike, Huber Heights, OH                    Clark Gas Station, Old Troy Pike, Huber Heights, OH   



Tea Party Package Deals 


"TEA PARTY PACKAGE DEALS": Let us put together your little darlings
Tea Party at Cafe 125, The Coffee House & Waffles. We'll give your little
one the perfect set-off on this very special occassion. All you'll need to do
is just .... show... up!

Designer cupcakes, cookies, candies, beautifully designed tea cups/saucers,
table dressings and decorations that are magazine cover worthy!

2-4 hour (Package Deals: Includes All for 4-6 little darlings).
Contact us at (800) 580-6068 to schedule your next TEA PARTY!

Private accommodations are welcome.
PACKAGE DEALS:  1 hour     2 hours    3 hours
Kids:  4-6  (more kids, please let us know so we can accommodate)