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4456 Powell Road, Huber Heights, Ohio 45424    (937) 718-2236
Hours:  Monday - Saturday 8AM - 6PM                                                                                                                     DELIVERY TO BUSINESSES (8 Miles)

Taking You To New Heights! 



Dobropozalov!    Wilkommen!     Huanying!    Kalos Orisate!    Bienvenido!    Barakhaba!    Benvenuto!    Marhaban!    Kangei!  Accueil!   Jshdija!   Dun shy lah!

The Topplez Corporation, with my headquarters in New York and offices here in Ohio, I bring to you the home of Topplez Corporation's products and Cafe 125, The Coffee House & Waffles, where my goal is to 'create everlasting childhood memories in tastes and things you can remember. ' Remember when chocolate taste like chocolate? And you woke up to cold milk bottles outside your front door? This list could go on and on. Using the best ingredients to create a healthy, cold-coffee alternative and fresh food. Energy drinks are out and healthy is in! Don't let the copy-cats fool you. Being the first, means we have learned to provide you with the best in cold-coffee beverages.

We use Simple Truth & Simple Truth Organic  products for our salads, and Private Selection meat, cheeses & breads for the best deli gourmet sandwiches around! All New, All Natural, All Good! ... i told you so ....


Welcome Friends in Far Places

United States *   Ukraine  *   Italy   *  Guinea  * Canada  *  Australia  *   Chile  *   Russian Federation *   Great Britain  *  Brazil    Japan  * Afghanistan  *  Germany    *  Portugal   *  India  *  Turkey  *  France  *  China  *  Netherlands  *  Philippines  *  Kuwait    Hong Kong  *  Belgium  * Taiwan  *  Denmark  *  Venezuela  *  Israel  *  Mexico  *  Puerto Rico   *  Romania   * Colombia   *  El Salvador   *  Egypt  *   Iraq   *  Thailand   *  Ireland  *  Singapore    *  Former Czechoslovakia  *  South Korea  *  Austria  *  US Virgin Islands   *   Hungary

Thank you for supporting Cafe 125, The Coffee House & Waffles - Topplez Corporation from both near and far away places. We get approximatly 6,000-15,000 hits per month on our website and we appreciate your support, letting me rant and rave about what is upsetting me and us! You can check back here and watch for updates to events, and news and it relates to Topplez Corporation (Cafe 125, The Coffee House & Waffles).

photo courtesy of ibrik: 


 Cafe 125 PRODUCTS 


     Cafe 125 cold-coffee beverages                            Cafe 125, Chicken & Waffles Syrup Collection (Krogers)                      Krogers Expo  2015

                                                                                                         Englewood, Ohio (Marketplace)                                               Englewood, Ohio






What is "125" ?

I am the beverage manufacturer of the cold-coffees:  125 Cafe Gourmet and 125 Vanilla Complex-B, made with 100% Arabica Coffee Espresso from the fields of Colombia, Organic Vanilla Enriched Soy, & Pure Spring Water; are just some of the basic ingredients of both my cold-coffees. Each one formulated to suit your taste buds and your bodies needs.  125  has 125 mg of caffeine per 8 oz serving, 13 grams of  muscle-building protein, blended with 10 different chocolates, nuts and creams for a smooth, creamy, delicious cold-coffee alternative.  The protein used in my cold-coffees contain Chlorophyll, Spirulina, Inisitol, Bromelain, Papaya, complete Vitamin B Complexes (B1,B2,B3,B5,B6,B9,B11, and B19) and Apple pectin fibres, to aid in the metabolism of proteins and carbohydrates in the body.  My cold-coffee's are for  TRUE connoisseurs with exquisite taste!     As always, ........... Taking You To New Heights!

And, now my new Cafe 125, Chicken & Waffles Syrups!  To enhance your Chicken & Waffles experience!



EVENTS & CAFE 125 "What's News?"





Made some changes; some recently and some awhile back.  Of course, you've heard me mention the Turkish coffee, espresso cups for takeout, my new Wine List and licensing, but I also removed the only carpet that was in the 2nd dining room. I put down tile, which is more sanitary to me.  I also changed the colors of the window seat cushion yesterday. The other slowly faded from being in the direct sunlight.  Today, just a moment ago, the manager of Rip Rap Road house came to visit.  He normally stops in once or twice per day for coffee, espresso, cucumber lemonade ... all liquid items.  He asked for espresso today and I tried the Haseeb Turkish coffee and it clogged up.  Too fine for this instrument so I had to make it THE REAL WAY!  Induction heat.  Added raw sugar, let warm followed by one scoop oveRseen.  Let it settle, then stirred.  Watched my foam roll from the sides of my authentic ibrik.  Let rise three times.  Let settle, collected his foam .... you know.  Even gave him a glass of water.  Gotta make my Turkish delights today.  Amazon customer just left. Thank you. She has a credit of $5-6 for super savings on drinks.  Well, .... Peace.






 MARIGOLD FESTIVAL 2015 & Cafe 125


The time is now here.  Remember when I first announced this last year?  Well, time is fast approaching for this years Marigold Festival 2015, Huber Heights, Ohio.  We received another phone call yesterday from Huber Heights confirming the go ahead with all things and to make sure we had all outlets needed to provide your coffee needs on Saturday, September 12, 2015.  We will be there as early at 6:00am, or 5:30am, for we were given the clearance to set up earlier this year to meet all the demands that we missed last year.  We were the only cafe providing coffee and 11am was way too late to get started.  So this year, we were asked to come much earlier!  Thank you Huber Heights!  We appreciate you supporting small businesses.  We will be your 'outside cafe'  providing all your coffee needs!  You'll get the chance to try our Liqueur Coffee Collections, Turkish Coffee, Frappuccino's and light breakfast foods to help you wake up!  Turn up your coffee!  Look for the outside cafe and our blue and white tent!

Remember ... look for our blue and white tent and the outdoor cafe !

Let our Barista 125  staff serve you!  Providing ......... Excellence in Service in All Ohio!




Cafe 125 Cooking! 

Photo Courtesy of:

On the next taping of The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show ..... Cafe 125 Cooking!  I will make some delicious delicacies that are amazing with my COFFEE LIQUEUR COLLECTIONS and our NASEEM TURKISH COFFEE with Cardamom spices!  For the true connoisseurs of fine coffees!  I thought of some simple, quick no cooking recipes to make a statement at your next coffee seating with friends, customers and clientele.  Pistachios, Coconuts and Rose Water compliments well without overpower us coffee drinkers.  The perfect additions to your sweet treats.  The best thing about making your own .... you know what you're eating!  See you on EPISODE 8 of THE CAFE 125 REALITY TV SHOW. 

The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show is a Burnmill Productions and can be seen on Time Warner cable channels 5, 6 or 23 in Dayton, Riverside, Butler & northern counties; Sundays at 12:30pm; Burnmill Productions Youtube; Topplez Corporation Youtube; DATV Live Streaming on Sundays at 12:30.





Looking for the amazing few who can fit our shoes!  Minimum hours available 8-20 per week.  Great way to earn extra money as a second job.   Excellent for students or stay at home mom's!  Must be at least 19 years of age.  Able to explain our WINE LIST and MENU.  Read up.  Huber Heights location.  Day shift hours (Mon-Fri).  Apply in person, email, or call us at (937) 718-2236 during normal business hours.  Leave your message.

  • No Visible Tattoos or Piercings
  • Neat and Professional Appearance
  • Meal Discounts
  • Fine Dining Experience
  • Team player and friendly
  • Customer Service/Cashier/Barista/Tables/Inventory
  • Special Events & Promotions
  • Background Check (Criminal) Required
  • State ID (Driver's or Non-Driver's) Proof of Identify

Thank you.




Amanda McLovinn.  One of our very first employees and Barista 125 Gals.  Spoke today and I am very happy to hear from her.  We always keep in touch, but hoping she returns in the very near future.  With our new WINE LIST and new aviance, the time is now for Amanda, me and Cafe 125!  Her and Gabrielle would make an awesome team in covering all our needs with the best staff!  We are hoping a few things and loose ends are tied away, and we would be awesome together!  We will keep you all posted as to if and when she can return in the near future for our day shift.  Her picture is still hanging in our store, and just recently an employee asked, "why do you keep her photo hanging?"  I guess its hard to let go of a great spirit!  Thank you.





My heart feels different, but still makes great tv.  Oh dear.

Well, yes, Episode 7 is here of THE CAFE 125 REALITY TV SHOW.  All I can say is all parties have contacted me and have given me their appreciation of services provided at last weeks Public Forum for Team Huber at my Cafe.  I am no longer upset, but it still makes good television.  Tried to pull this show before Burnmill Productions release, but they beat me to it.   No hard feelings - any more and thank you for choosing Cafe 125 as your place to present your platform - although they may wish they never did after this show.  I decided not to post on The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show - Facebook, for the candidates use this media as their form of communication.  I will respect that, but if they come to my website ...... (bahaaaa)!  No one is perfect and its a perfect learning tool to see how the world sees us, for I already see I could do better when I see myself on television.  I say this every show, but a leopard does not change its spots.  Goodluck to all the candidates in this November's election!  Salute!

THE CAFE 125 REALITY TV SHOW  with Barista 125 Gal:  Gabrielle Love 

The Cafe 125, Reality TV Show can be seen on Time Warner cable channels 5, 6, or 23 in Dayton, Riverside, Butler and northern counties on Sundays at 12:30PM.  Youtube Burnmill Productions.  Youtube Topplez Corporation.  On-line LIVE DATV Streaming.






Weekday hours available.  Apply in Person Monday thru Friday between 8am-3pm.  Must be at least 19 years of age.  Professional, neat appearance.  No visible tattoos or piercings.  Experience Preferred.  Must be detailed oriented and able to follow directions without supervision.  Excellent customer service skills and friendly personality.  Able to work with others. 

Duties:  Wine and Coffee Server; Cashier; Barista Bar (Espresso, Turkish, Cappuccinno, Frappuccino); Take Orders; Inventory; Daily 125 Maintenance Duties; All Operations As Needed.  Must be able to explain menu/wine list.

No exceptions.  Thank you.

(6 months probationary period)


          Gabrielle Love, Barista 125 Gal

                       (Weekend Barista)




Good One

" ..... demonstrate  how you make your chicken & waffles at my cafe ..... we're not trying to copy from you, we are in the process of getting our liquor license..." 

Good one.



I'm Ready For Takeout Espresso and Espresso, Turkish Deliveries!

Received my mini espresso cups with lids for takeout.  Should've known they've invented everything.  Well, they arrived super fast and had to order an authentic ibrik from Turkey for Turkish Coffee.  The ibrik I had purchased previously ... don't wanna say from which country .... did not conduct the proper temperature and did not have induction properties since the steel content, was not 18/10 which is what I need for a particular apparatus.  Now, I await my genuine ibrik from Turkey.  Peace & Blessings unto you my Turkish friends.  Found an amazing site with Turkish Coffee and items.  Respect for the arts and kraft of making true Turkish Coffee, I have to give my respect to them.

Don't let the competition fool you!  You know where you heard it from! 




The Cafe 125, Topplez Corporation Connection

Well, in my pursuits of trying to find spokesmodels for all my events and guests for my Reality Show, I came across an amazing modeling group of girls connected to MORA MODELS, which you all have probably followed my announcements on them.  I have been using the Mora Models for Episodes 3, 4, 5 & 6; also the 4th of July 2015 Huber Heights Parade; and the CAFE 125 VINTAGE COLLECTIONS photo series.  Well, two of these amazing young ladies were offered a role in a new upcoming moving of BURNMILL PRODUCTIONS.  Aaahhh!  I like this! 

Taking You To New Heights!

....i told you so ....



TEAM HUBER:  City Council Public Forum, Saturday at 10:00am August 15th

It's almost time! Saturday, August 15, 2015 at 10:00am is the Public Forum for new candidates running for City Council in Huber Heights Ward Districts, and they  have chosen Cafe 125, The Coffee House & Waffles as their meeting place for questions and debating (I propose).  This is open to the public.  Limited Room.  Looks like we already have a full house and lawfully cannot hold any more in a comfortable setting. 

We will tape this political event under THE CAFE 125 REALITY TV SHOW, and following the event we will tape our next episode of my Reality Show with Gabrielle.  THE CAFE 125 REALITY TV SHOW can be seen on Time Warner Cable channels 5, 6 or 23 in Dayton, Riverside, Butler & northern counties on Sundays at 12:30. Via On-line Streaming.  Youtube Topplez Corporation.  Youtube Burnmill Productions.  (A Burnmill Productions)



Wendy's Now Serving Chicken & Waffles

Well, it has been validated that I am a business genius in the making and I have an amazing idea out here in Ohio!  Less than three miles from Cafe 125, The Coffee House & Waffles, I believe they told me on Brandt Pike, Huber Heights, Ohio, Wendy's is now serving Chicken & Waffles.  Now, I think this is a test market item for them.  They probably are looking for something new and trendy for their restaurant chains, and probably have heard about Cafe 125.  I wouldn't put it past bigger companies, as I have followers all over the world, and get almost 15,000 hits each month on my website.  At least 300-900 persons each day visit here to see "waz up."  My involvement in the community, my television show, Kroger Marketplace, my marketing and advertising has certainly made some businesses get "busy."   Well.  I am flattered, and feel validated that I have an amazing idea.  I also know that it is not my imagination when I see business nearby pop up with a similar theme, and food items that they weren't doing before.  A few next door have "jazzed" up their outside and inside appearance to stay in the game.  I have always had a 2nd dining room for entertainment, well now the business next door has a entertainment room.  So that's .... "What's News."



Well, The Race Has Begun ... For Them, At Least

Well, I see the race has begun, or at least for them it has.  Another local cafe contacted me to network together.  Well, that sounds amazing right?  Well, it would be if they weren't little by little turning into a mini Cafe 125!  They already started doing Comedy Nights around the same time I did.  Now, the owner told me "we are looking to get our liquor license, but we'd like for you to do a mini demonstration inside of our restaurant, making your Chicken & Waffles - or as a vendor."  What?  Don't feel too comfortable demonstrating my chicken & waffles inside of another restaurant.  On TV, I have, of course, but did not show my full recipe nor ingredients.   It's quite flattering, but not if you see them already incorporating the same ideas at their place.  I'm sure TURKISH COFFEE and my COFFEE LIQUEURS will be next.  A liquor license, give me a break.   Ok, that's just one.  Now, I see another restaurant or whatever, is starting some sort of TV show.  What?  Chapter 300 of the Topplez Corporation Advanced Business 101 states:  "I told you so."  My advice is, you have to find your own niche.  What is it about you, to receive your blessings.  You can't take someone elses greatness and blessings because they were already given to that person.  You have gotta find your own and make things grow for you.  That always works best and is satisfying because you know "you did it."  Not someone else did it and you took it.  Then you can look your competitor straight in the eyes, no waivering.

#doyou   #findingyourself      #leaveelbowroomatmytablebecauseineedroomtogrow        #sortofflatteredbutnotreally





Cafe 125 Chicken & Waffles Syrup!  NEW FLAVOR!


Created a new flavor to enhance your Chicken & Waffles experience at Cafe 125, The Coffee House & Waffles, Huber Heights, Ohio!  TIRAMISU!  Just about right, huh?  Can you taste it now?  Two crispy-fried chicken wings, with a hot, fluffy and crispy, Belgian waffle with a selection of hot sauces or Siracha Thai Honey created by one of our local manufacturers, left as a sample to try!  I recommend MOSCATO or CHARDONNAY CHATEAU, a hot cup of TURKISH COFFEE or one of our amazing Specialty Hot Coffee Liqueurs!  See you soon!  Open 8am-6pm Monday thru Saturday!  Always made fresh, never sitting ... hope you have 15 minutes for a fresh, hot delicious meal served all day at Cafe 125 WE DELIVER TO LOCAL BUSINESSES from 8am-6pm!

.... i told you so ....




Proposed Problem:  How do I get one and two shot Espressos & Turkish Coffee to my Customers and Businesses?

Solution:   Espresso delivered straight to your door and businesses beginning next week!  4 oz Espresso cups with lids for take out or delivery are acomin'!

       #wokestarbucksceoup  #gobacktosleepstarbuckswegotthis   #cafe125first   #espressodelivery  #turkishcoffeedelivery  






You can make Turkish Delights yourself, or order online from many places.  I like Marcaram in Istanbul, Turkey - truly authentic!   Try some of the recipes on the internet.  You can cover them in rose petals, mix them with Pistachios, Pomegrante, Coconut - some delicious recipes!  I'll be making many varieties to accompany our Turkish Coffee customers!  The only thing I will not be using is the Gelatin as stated in some recipes.  Gelatin, is normally, from a pig, and I don't do pigs!  Saw recipes not using pig, that would be me.





Meet Gabrielle!

.... i told you so ....

EPISODE 7:  THE CAFE 125 REALITY TV SHOW can be seen on Time Warner Cable channels 5, 6, and 23 in Dayton, Riverside, Butler & northern counties; Sundays at 12:30pm.  DATV Live Streaming On-Line.  Youtube Burnmill Productions.  Youtube Topplez Corporation.









Not just your average cups of coffee, people!  It's here!  Yes, we have it!  For the true connoisseursof coffee ...... TURKISH COFFEE!  We use Naseem Turkish Coffee - authentic Turkish coffee with Cardamom!  But there are some other amazing, authentic Turkish coffees to choose from for your cafe coffee collection.



   TURKISH ESPRESSO SHOTS ....................................  $2.50 (1 SHOT)

   TURKISH CAPPUCCINO .............................................  $3.00 (1 SHOT)

   TURKISH CAPPUCCINO ...............................................$3.50 (2 SHOT)

   TURKISH COFFEE ...........................  $3.75  (4 oz)   .......  $4.75 (8 oz)

An ancient Turkish Proverb proclaims: Coffee should be Black as Hell, Strong as Death, and Sweet as Love.







Just in the nick of time for all of you coffee connoisseurs! 

ALL OF OUR SPECIALTY COGNAC, WHISKEY & BOURBON COFFEES are complete and have arrived!  We have four (4) amazing flavors that we will keep brewed for your morning, afternoon, and just for the heck of it coffee!  Don't need a reason to turn up your coffee!

Not just your average cups of coffee! 

                                                                                          Large (16 oz) ........................ $2.50
                                                                  Small (12 oz) ......................... $2.00

                                     DELIVERY IS ALWAYS AVAILABLE TO BUSINESSES: 8AM - 6PM

                                                                          Call Us  (937) 718-2236

                                                                          during business hours

Drink wisely! :)

.... i told you so ....





Photo Shoot (8/12/15):  Miss GABRIELLE!

New photos of our newest Barista 125 Gal, GABRIELLE!  We'll begin this morning (8/12/15) when she arrives for work and after setting up for the day.  You will also meet her on EPISODE 7 of The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show.  I will try to post them by mid afternoon so we can all welcome her to Cafe 125, The Coffee House & Waffles the Topplez kind of way - worldwide!  Thank you to all of you - near and far!  Taking You To New Heights!

.... i told you so ....





Welcome New Friends in Far Away Places

Thank you, Hungary!  What's up? and How you doin'?  Peace & Blessings To You All!  Get on board and here we go!






Saw this photo of a recipe in the NewsFeed of Facbook a while back, and YES, we've been making this Peach Melba recipe for our customers!  Delightful, refreshing dessert!  Shall be perfect with our WINE LIST selection in the coming weeks!  Perhaps a WHITE ZINFANDEL or a PORTA VITA ROSSO red, fruity wine; but for now - a SCRUMPTIOUS and beautiful dessert at Cafe 125, The Coffee House & Waffles!  Peaches are still plentiful!  Eat up 125ers!




Cafe 125 Diary (8/9/15):

Well, today I didn't even get a chance to get started and customers have started to come asking for our NEW COFFEE'S.  Today I saw all new faces, however, there has been one customer that comes each and every morning for one of our liquered coffees, before my announcement and even before I added the new flavors.  I told him of our new flavors beginning Monday, and I'm sure he'll be there.  The other new faces today came exclusively for our coffees.  Then more came for my Featured Liquered Coffee, but I had run out.  The week had been busy with my new coffees, that's why I ordered more and different flavors! 

Also, my new Alcohol License/Permit will take 10-12 weeks for processing!  I am very impatient and cannot wait!  I have a meeting Monday to present some documents for signing in preparation.  Of course, entrepreneurs, I already started before I even got the darn license!  I bought a new, lovely wine rack for display of our PINOT NOIR CAVIT, MOSCATO, CHARDONNAY'S, CABERNET & SAUVIGNON wine list.  The display will hang on the wall, with 12 oz Wine Glasses behind our Coffee Station.  Our WINE LIST will have a range of $4 - $9.50 per glass serving.  New chairs were needed for our 2nd dining room!  My place has really grown.  I see a gradual upswing of the type of customer/clientele.  Definitely have taken a turn upwards!  This has been my best move yet!  The introduction of my new LIQUERED COFFEES and WINE LIST has really set us apart from the rest.  I have been just sitting back, mentally, and observing all the changes and the feel in the place since these additions.  Man!  What a brilliant move!!!!!  I know the others will try to follow, however, rules and Ohio Regulations will prevent them from copying completely.  I am truly loving my store now because it's not all about cooking, cooking, cooking!  I have a great selection of COFFEES and my WINE LIST is ingenius!  Truly stepped ahead of the competition.

This week, looks like we also missed a booking for the Boys Scouts of America (Texas).  Received a call to service 110 of their members the past Sunday, however, we are not open on Sundays and their previous message went unheard and we gave them no reply.  I truly apologize.  Thank you for choosing us as your place to eat and dine.  Hopefully, we will be there next time for our Boy Scouts!  Salute.

Can't get a break from the "peepers."  Usually I share my ideas, but geesh, can I breathe a little on my own?  I don't know what to say sometimes about those darn "peepers."  Peep, peep, peep!  And more peeps!

Oh, can't forget this.  Klassi Konfections left some amazing new treats.  Forgot to take a photo of them but I will Monday.  Sunday is my rest day and I try to stay away from updating the website.  They are so beautiful!  SALTED PRETZEL RODS!  PINK, CHOCOLATE & BLUE designs. They will be available at Cafe 125, The Coffee House & Waffles beginning next week for $2.75/rod!  Delicious!

I invented a new CHEESECAKE FRAPPUCCINO!  Can't make enough of these also.  Just thought it up a few weeks ago, and they are a hit!  Haven't mentioned it because didn't need to.  As soon as my customers see this, they WANT IT!

Final Recap:  Loving Cafe 125!!!!!!  Loving my new WINE LIST and NEW LIQUERED COFFEES!  Ordered new chairs for additional seating and for comfort!  Just truly loving the home-like setting of my cafe.  I just can't believe it!  Today I received new supplies that arrived.  Still waiting for our last Liquered Coffee to arrive, hopefully, Monday or Tuesday.  Love my new choices for the Cafe! 

Now, I finally feel different than the rest! 

Oh, Meet GABRIELLE, starting week of August 10, 2015!  You'll see her on THE CAFE 125 REALITY TV SHOW, first!!!  Of course, if you visit us this week, you'll meet her in person, but for our world friends, stay tuned here for EPISODE 7.

One more feeling inside.  I now feel like a FIVE STAR CAFE!  The feeling, decor and aviance feels so upper class.  Sorry to say that, because I am one for the underdog - those who don't get a chance.  This new feeling, now, has me looking for even better staff.  More mature gals/guys.  Gabrielle is perfect, but that's just one.  I will gradually look for staff that can deliver what I need professionally!  I only like a certain kind of staff, but now they must be a notch better!  How can you make better, the best?  That's my new goal.  They must have fine dining/cafe techniques.  Able to explain our NEW WINE LIST and LIQUERED COFFEES and give the details and flavors justice in their explanation!  No exceptions!  No closed mouth staff!  And must be friendly!  

Peace Entrepreneurs!





Calendar of Events for Cafe 125, The Coffee House & Waffles

August 15, 2015 @ 10am - 1:00pm City Council Candidates Public Forum with Team Huber (Public Event)

August 15, 2015 1:00pm - 2:00pm Taping of Cafe 125 The Reality TV Show with GABRIELLE (new Barista 125 Gal)

September 12, 2015 6am - 8:00pm Marigold Festival 2015 (Huber Heights) "Cafe 125 Outdoor Cafe" Service

February 12 & 13, 2016 9am -7:00pm Private Member Event (600 Persons) Cafe 125 Barista Service





Wine Permit & Application Processes



Photo Courtesy:  Pinterest

Began our application processes for the introduction of FINE WINES to be served in glasses at Cafe 125, The Coffee House & Waffles in the coming months!  Not sure of how long it will take to process our application, but this fits nicely with our format and menu!  Come make and meet new friends in our laid back environment with New York style!  Taking You To New Heights!

.... i told you so ....




Current City Council Member Makes a Visit!

Such a wonderful time of the year!  Election time, that would be!  Current City Council member just left our establishment to say "hello" and to see if there are any changes we would like to see in the City of Huber Heights.  So wonderful to meet your City officials who are ready to make changes.  I must say, we are relatively new in the community and they had not heard of us.  But that's ok.  There's always a first for things!  Thank you for your visit today (8/4/15).  Love meeting and making new friends in the community we serve!




We now serve ......  COFFEE LIQUEURED  (Fine Coffee Flavors at Cafe 125)

The most AMAZING coffee additions to Café 125, The Coffee House & Waffles beginning next week!  Not your average cups of coffee.  For the true connoisseurs of coffee. 


 Specialty Coffee (DAILY)
 Large ................... $2.50 (16 oz.)            Espresso ............................................. $2.75                     Frappuccinos .................................   $4.55
 Small ................... $2.00 (12 oz.)            Cappuccino .......................................... $4.25


Thought of some amazing coffee house additions to Cafe 125, The Coffee House & Waffles.  These new coffees will be super amazing with our freshly made Belgian waffles and house syrups!  The idea is too good to tell.  Usually I will share things with my friends all across the world, here on my website.  I will surely think about it entrepreneurs.  But sometimes I wanna be a little different from the rest.  And sharing all my secrets is not the best move.  Take note entrepreneurs:  Chapter 15 Advanced Business 101 of the Topplez Corporation entrepreneur manual:  Sometimes it is not a good idea to share all your tricks of the trade.  There are those just sitting back collecting your ideas to make things easier for them.  Nothing wrong with a little competition, but don't just sit back and feed the competition by a silver spoon.  Some things are best left unspoken, and better experienced!




Miss Gabrielle, Barista 125 Gal!

Well, Miss Gabrielle is our newly hired Barista 125 Gal as I mentioned earlier in the week.  I decided not to schedule her photo shoot because you all will meet her on the next taping of The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show, August 15, 2015.  She is experienced in customer service and will assist with coffee, cashier, setup, meet and greet our customers!  She has a very mature personality, and I joke with her "don't be so serious" then she bursts out laughing.  She is very cool. Professional and excellent with customer service techniques. Her plans are to attend Wright State University, and I am so happy she will be a part of Cafe 125 and the first inhouse hire in a while.  It will be just a "typical day at Cafe 125" on our next show. 

Cafe 125 can be seen on Sundays at 12:30 on Time Warner Cable channel 5, 6 or 23 in Dayton, Riverside, Butler & northern counties.  Welcome .... Miss Gabrielle!




The Topplez Corporation dba Cafe 125, The Coffee House & Waffles is Now A Member!


Open an account on line today!  Become international in your dealings.  Ok, entrepreneurs.  We are a team, right?  Ok.  Now, make your move.  Be international and follow where the road takes us!  We have over 15,000 friends across the world who join us here at Topplez Corporation's website!  Entrepreneurs, make this your moment and become international on all levels!  What does this mean?  I don't know.  Like NIKE says:  Just Do It!

United States Office: 1 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, New York (USA)

Serving: U.S.A., United Kingdom,  Kenya, Benin, Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, France, Chad, Mozambique, Senegal, Sierra Leona, Uganda, Zambia, Cameroon, and other countries in Africa.

Taking You To New Heights!

.... i told you so ....





Through All The Hate & Prejudice in the U.S., You've Managed to Unite Us!  Thank You.  You've Done It Again!


      His Half StepSister, Step Grandmother, Auma Obama                                    President signs a Guest Book                                                                       His Step-Grandmother 



                    Hugs his Step Sister                                                             Kenyan Artist Paints His Arrival and Seating                             Revival of Entrepreneurship, & Business Opportunities

With all the racial tensions in the U.S.   The few at the top has managed to bring those of us at the bottom, together.  Thanks to Donald Trump, and many conservatives who tried to separate and divide our people, nation and the world!  Evil never wins.  Neither does the Devil. 




Mr. President Visits Family in Kenya!  Powerful!


Seen so many negative, racially toned comments on Yahoo and other sites.  But please come to know, this is my personal rant and opinion, he has already proven himself serving two terms as the President of these United States!  He has nothing further to prove to anyone!  Most comments I read were that he "should stay there;" another comment said "Michele Obama can wear grass native skirts;" peoples "monkey" and "gorilla" comments, and many other insensitive racial comments.  Learn something from me ... none of these requests or comments hurt African Americans feelings anymore.  Perhaps returning to Kenya after serving for this great country for two terms is not a bad idea for anyone of color to consider.  It would just be a topper already on his masterful cake with flares, sparklers and streams of confetti and a parade to match!   Everyone wants to know where they came from.  African Americans are no different.  Wanting to go to Africa is not a bad thing.  Many return home to Israel.  Many return home to Europe.  Many return home to Puerto Rico.  Many return home to Brazil.  Many return home to the Phillippines.  Nothing wrong with returning home to Africa.  This too shall pass.  And you too will move past this.

Peace out.

P.S.:  I love a good fitting native grass skirt.  I could pass on the tradition to my family here and abroad.  Peace.



Meet Our New Employee:  Gabrielle, Barista 125 Gal

Letting go about 95% of my staff this week was a sad need.  I won't explain the particulars of my decision, but I need to keep my goal of providing the best in service in ALL OHIO!  It starts with Gabrielle.  She'll begin training next week with the help of my last remaining employee, Mr. Matthew who stays steadfast in his duties and does not slack off over time, which is how many of my employees met their demise.  They begin great and overtime, the truth comes to light.  That's why employers put people on 90 day and 1 year probationary periods.  That's because over time, the REAL you will be revealed and employers must act.  You'll meet Gabrielle this week with her PhotoShoot for Cafe 125.  She has experience working in customer service, a laid back individual with a hidden excitement for this position.  I see her trying to keep her cool, but can't wait to start.  She's been on point with making herself available to start early with my letting go of all my staff earlier this week.  She was to begin August 13th, but ..... you know the rest.  This will be a new experience for Cafe 125 with Gabrielle, since all of our Barista 125 Gals have either graduated college, gotten married, are expecting their first additions to their families, are Angels in heaven, and other life's adventures that come a persons way along life's journey.  So, having Gabrielle aboard is a new beginning.  She is not a YouthWorks employee and I think having a more mature and experienced employee is an excellent choice to getting back to providing .... Excellence in Service in All Ohio!




Cafe 125, Barista 125 Gals "Providing Excellence in Service in All Ohio!"


February 2016!

We Love an Ambitious Employee .. Apply in Person or Email Us If You'd Like to Work Our Events!

Only the Best .... Please!  Let's Not Waste Each Others Time .... Thank You!


Recap from last year, for our upcoming February 2016 sheduled event!

Last year, an organization saw us on our first taping of the show, Living Dayton and visited our store to discuss our catering of this 600 person privately held event, over a three-day period.  Well, I just checked my messages and we are scheduled for another event, same place, same bat station in the coming months.   Only this time it will be over a two-day period.  They were so impressed with the Barista 125 Gals service that we were selected to cater again.  Our girls from the past event, have grown, gone and some making their first family of their own, so we will have to look fast and train hard.  We do have many months before this will take place, so gives me time to get the best, or to improve upon the techniques of our current staff.  Actually, February 2016 is the event month.  We will be way ahead of schedule and professional, as always .... "Providing Excellence in Service in All Ohio!" 

Thanks for choosing us!  Delighted and Enchanted!





Episode 6: The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show

Featuring Mora Model:  Taylor Huffman


On this filming of Episode 6 of The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show, I was tired.  I never sleep because I have many things to do, and the store takes up about 13 hours of my day, and then more things I do leaves me with 1-2 hours of sleep each night.  So, I decided to interview Taylor Huffman and focus on the details of her life rather than letting the day take over my guests that come in to share their life.  I took the time to ask Taylor questions, and listened to her response.  Here it is.  Let's learn more about Taylor Huffman (Facebook).  The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show can be seen on Time Warner cable channels 5, 6 or 23 in Dayton, Riverside, Butler and northern counties on Sundays at 12:30pm.  DATV live streaming.  Youtube Burnmill Productions.  Youtube Topplez Corporation  #Cafe125RealityTV




Just goes along with the adventure

Tonight, I was at Speedway Gas Mart (one of the popular chains out here in the Midwest (Ohio)) and the clerk said, "I saw you on TV for Cafe 125."  I said, "When?  Sunday?"  She said "No.  It was ... I think Friday or Saturday.  I watched the whole show."  Thank you. 

Burnmill Productions for The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show; Sundays at 12:30 on Time Warner cable channels 5, 6 or 23 in Dayton, Riverside, Butler and northern counties.  Looks like you can see it on Fridays or Saturdays, as well.  Thank you DATV!





Welcoming Our 1st Client Aboard Our School Lunch Program (Huber Heights, Ohio)! 

Daycare, Childcare, Seminary Lunches


Photo courtesy:

Providing healthy lunches for daycare and childcare centers, locally. Natural and freshly prepared lunches for your kids! Stand apart from other daycares and join us in providing the best foods, prepared in a clean FDA approved stainless steel kitchen at Cafe 125, Huber Heights. We deliver. Let us plan a meal for your special little ones and provide foods full of life, vitamins and nutrition.  Send a private message for rates. Visit our location to discuss discount package rates for local centers.

                                                       Welcoming Our 1st Client Aboard Our School Lunch Program (Huber Heights, Ohio)!

                                                                             Daycare and Childcare Providers May Contact Us For Our Monthly Menu Plan






Richard Shaw (Ward 1), Janell Smith (Ward 2), Glenn Otto (At-Large) & Richard Stan (Ward 6) your City Council Candidates & At-Large Candidate will hold their PUBLIC FORUM at Cafe 125, The Coffee House & Waffles; August 15th at 10:00 AM!  Come see and hear what's happening in Huber Heights!  Thank you TEAM HUBER for choosing us as your place for this political PUBLIC FORUM.


                                         City Council Candidates Public Forum, August 15th, 2015 @ 10:00AM at Cafe 125!

4456 Powell Road, Huber Heights, Ohio 45424

Come Meet Your Candidates for City Council!  Hear their Agenda for Huber Heights!

Free to the Public  -  Limited Space



Topplez Corporation World-Wide Statistics for July 2015

For the month of July, we have had over 13,790 hits on or website.  I project a record by the end of the month.  We did not beat our 14,804 January 2015 monthly statistics.  Our friends from all over the world:  Unknown, United States, Malaysia, Germany, France, Russian Federation, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Singapore, Romania, Italy, Great Britain, Virgin Islands, Belgium & Netherlands, and all the other countries that check in from time to time.  Thank you all!  Peace and Blessings unto you.  Rest and awake to another day.  Remember entrepreneurs:  DON'T STOP!




Dear Chipotle, Starbucks, Taco Bell & Whomever:

Cafe 125, The Coffee House & Waffles was already doing delivery!  Google the dates we first announced our delivery.  Thank you!





Huber Heights Courier Newspaper & Newsstand at Cafe 125!

We are now a carrier of the Huber Heights Courier!  You can pick up the weekly edition at our Cafe.  The cost is $1. All sales belong to Huber Heights Courier.  Support your local newspaper and find out what's happening in Huber Heights, Ohio!   Thank you!





Huber Heights 4th of July Parade 2015


The lovely ladies of Mora Model Group, my Cafe 125 Staff, and Payton the Poet, and of course, the City of Huber Heights and its participants made this all happen again this year for Cafe 125 and the community.  We were .... the Floating Cafe .... as last year.  As you can tell from the smiles, the ladies and gentlemen had a smashing good time.  There are so many more photos to post, but I think you see where we are coming from.   Making memories, I would say!  Thank you all for your continued support all around the world! 

Peace & Blessings



Vintage Cafe 125 Collection

These photos are from the Vintage Cafe 125 Collection, a series of photos taken inside Cafe 125, The Coffee House & Waffles, Huber Heights, Ohio for submission to Vintage magazine on July 3, 2015.  Crossing our fingers and hoping some of the photos taken (by Photographer Tiffanie Mora) will be acceptable for publication.  Featured Mora Models:  Jessica Lumpkin, Taylor Huffman & Marissa Brown







Our Very Own Time Slot, Finally! 

The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show has been given a regular time slot of Sundays at 12:30pm; Time Warner cable channel 5, 6 or 23 in Dayton, Riverside, Butler and northern counties.  Can also be seen streaming live via DATV cable access on-line.  Youtube Burnmill Productions.  Youtube Topplez Corporation. 



Episode 5:  The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show

Featuring:  Brittany Nicole of Mora Models, Ohio

Special Guests:  Weduzit Vintage Thrift Shop Owner, Chris Williams; StanTheBarber of ManUP Barbershop

and others as they venture into Cafe 125, The Coffee House & Walffles, Huber, Heights, OH 45424


Each episode I promise not to laugh to loud.  I've always laughed with a big open mouth!  A few of my friends in college laughed the same way.  We'd be standing in a group all laughing the same exact way.  First, you start out with a low tone, then it grows to a loud hawking laughing.  Oh dear.  I'll try again next episode.  I am always so sleepy, but this particular episode I did not get my usual 1.5 hours, sometimes less believe it or not.  I wanted to do the show from the couch, which may be a good idea on another show.  Come on in and meet your neighbors at Cafe 125.



Episode 4: The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show

Featuring:  Brooke Kylie of Mora Models, Ohio

Special Guest:  Payton the Poet; Josh Slade the Mystifier; Tiffanie Mora; Judy's Dog Groomers, ... and friends!


                           "Don't Mess With Me When I'm Sleepy"

In Episode 4 of The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show, I was super tired! "Don't mess with me when I'm sleepy!" Being sleepy will make me say whatever comes to mind. No filters! Takes too much energy to filter or hold back when you are tired. You just wanna say it, or do it, and go on! Well, on this day, I tried to be as polite as I could possibly be. I am not a magician liking person, I don't like the circus (they mistreat animals to me), I don't like flowery perfume (only real flowers), and I don't like fruity smelling incense, or perfumes. Fruit is made to eat not put in an incense. The only fruit incense that smells O.K. is orange citrus. A special brand I only find in New York. Here, the normal gang comes in and out to visit our Cafe and place their orders. Judy's Dog Groomers came to place their veggie orders, but then came the magician ....... And here goes!

Featuring: Brooke of Mora Models, Ohio

Guests: Josh the Mystifier, Payton the Poet, Judy's Dog Groomers, Tiffanie Mora and friends!

The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show & The Cafe 125 Cooking Show can be seen on Time Warner cable channel 5 in Dayton, Riverside and Butler Twp. and on channel 6 or 23 in northern counties and suburbs.



Photo:  The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show (Episode 5 with Brittany)


Photo Courtesy of:  Tiffanie Mora for Cafe 125 RealityTV Show (125 Vanilla Complex-B)




Episode 5:  The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show (Photo Clips)

Here are photos from the filming of The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show featuring Brittany Nicole of Mora Models Group, Ohio!  Always so much fun at my place, even though I'm always sleepy.  Guests included:  King of Oils, Stan the Barber of ManUP Barbershop (Facebook), and Chris Williams of Weduzit Vintage/Thrift Shop (Facebook).  Here you will finally meet our Barista 125 Guy, Mr. Matthew, who has been with us for close to one year, and is camera shy.  But this time, not sure what possessed him to smile this time for the cameras!  He is super with providing excellent service!  Trains all our staff as they arrive.  He's one of our best employees!


              Weduzit Vintage/Thrift Shop, Dayton, OH                                              Weduzit Vintage/Thrift Shop budda                                        Mr. Matthew & Brittany (lesson time)



    King of Oils & Brittany Nicole (Mora Models, Ohio)                              Brittany Nicole (Mora Model for Cafe 125)                    Stan the Barber of ManUP & Brittany making his coffee





Super Savings this Summer at Café 125, The Coffee House & Waffles
Enjoy $10 to Spend at Café 125!  A Savings of 50%!

Enjoy our amazing Gourmet Deli Sandwich Combos; our Hot Belgian Waffles and Chicken; Flatbread Sandwiches with Soup; 125 Summer Salads, and your favorite Frappuccino would make an amazing lunch special! 

New Flavors of Frappuccino:  Cheesecake Frappuccino! Also, Vanilla Bean, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Cotton Candy, Mocha, Whimsical-in-Paris ... and more!  Over 18 coffee house flavors to choose from or fruit flavors for a delicious smoothie!

Thank you and enjoy!

(with Brittany Peters of Mora Model, Ohio)



Brittany Peters of Mora Models will be the next face for our marketing campaign (Ohio)!  As a Barista 125 Gal, Brittany Peters will be the new face for our marketing of SUPER SAVINGS and SPECIAL OFFERS at  Save on specialty coffee drinks like Frappuccinos, Cappuccinos, Latte's, Macchiatto's, and all of your Barista Bar favorites at Cafe 125!  Even enjoy offers from our Health Life Menu of Seaweed Wraps Meal, Vegetarian BBQ Ribz Meal, and Flatbread Sandwiches made the Cafe 125 way!  We will keep you posted of the release of these offers!  Great way to eat healthy, delicious food and save, save, save! 



          LOCATION:  Cafe 125 The Coffee House & Waffles                                                Photos by:  Tiffanie Mora                                                    Cafe 125 The Reality TV Show Clips

Today, Tiffanie Mora of Mora Models photographed Brittany (above) at Cafe 125, The Coffee House & Waffles as we filmed our EPISODE 5 of The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show where we had visitors from local businesses stop in to say hello, as Brittany provided "Excellence In Service" at Cafe 125!  She greeted our new visitors and guests, took orders, made and served some of amazing house blend of Latte/Caramel/Colombian coffee!  She will also be featured in the first episode and filming of THE CAFE 125 COOKING SHOW (a Burnmill Productions), where we will make some of our amazing recipes that are quick to make, and healthy for you!  Foods of Life is what I call them!  Come make new friends at Cafe 125, The Coffee House & Waffles, Huber Heights, Ohio 45424!

Brittany Peters Modeling Page (Facebook)!/pages/Brittany-Nicoles-Modeling-page/380999872093278?fref=ts 





Well, as you know I have been taking small steps into getting my products into one of the largest and leading store chains in the midwest - KROGER!  The process can be overwhelming if you already have many things to do - which I do.  Well, I kept getting "supplier info udates info needed," which  I was too overwhelmed to even open the link and deal with, but on the last email that Kroger sent:  FINAL SUBMISSION INFO NEEDED, I took it as a sign to get going!  So, I took moment and completed all the information they were requesting and it wasn't too bad!  I completed it!  Or at least I think.  I am sure there is more to this process, but at least I pushed myself past this part.  Remember entrepreneurs:  Business101 Advanced Edition of Topplez Corporation handbook; Chap. 3; Subtitle/Paragraph 4i - k states:  "Always keep pushing, no matter what entrepreneurs!  If you don't do the hard work, no one else will, so take small steps."

Hope this help you all to keep pushing forward.  All looking good.  Feeling good about this submission!  Thank you to KROGER for helping small businesses get a sstart in the marketplace!  Updates to follow



 Huber Heights 4th of July 2015



My Wheelchair Scene:  Short Film "DRIVE" by Holly Hudson






"DRIVE" by Holly Hudson 

I did not know I was playing the "mother" to Dave Chappelle's niece Sumayah Chappelle, in this movie!  I am such a fortunate person to have been given this opportunity without seeking it out.  A person sent the producer a message and told her about me, and all my experiences in New York, I responded back and that's how it all started!  Too amazing, right?!  Thank you to all of you.  Peace


             Photo:  Sumayah Chappelle                                            Photo:  Sumayah Chappelle




CLIPS FROM EPISODE 3:  The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show featuring Brooke Kylie Howard of Mora Models,OH


The clips above are from EPISODE 3 of our Reality TV Show!  Here, it shows Brooke K. meeting Mr. P, one of our patrons who frequents our Cafe.  Payton the Poet is what we call him.  He has performed at our Cafe when we had our very first Poetry Reading with Elaine, the Gospel Poets, and a few other talented individuals who shared their amazing works that evening.  Well, Mr. Payton still frequents our Cafe.  Enjoying his sausage n' cheese wraps while we listen to some of his latest works in writing.  He is known as the Controversial Figure of the Educated Lyricist!  Brooke is also featured on Episode 4 of The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show and you will be falling off your seats in laughter.  This was a day where I had NO sleep, at all and when I'm sleepy, I get silly.  Watch for Episode 4.  It's all real!  No planning.  They caught me at the wrong time on Episode 4!  Thank you Brooke Howard of Mora Models, Ohio!

Contact her agent for bookings!  You can find Mora Models/Photography on Facebook:



I'm In  a Movie:  "DRIVE" by Holly Hudson

No, I do not want to be a star, but I will be in a movie shooting this weekend 6/21/15 (if the weather permits).  A business acquaintance suggested to the director/producer me for the role.  Told them I have experience in TV and my past television ventures in New York with Grace Del Marco.   I will play [40 year old, Arican American mental patient in a wheelchair with a 12 year-old daugter who will be stroking my hair].  Bwaa haaaa!  Sounds just about right!  Thank you to the producer/directors who selected me for this non-speaking role!  Will post as soon as complete and I have a copy or link to upload.   




Meet The Barista 125 Gals for Television (of Mora Models):  The Cafe 125 Reality TV & The Cafe 125 Cooking Show


                                                                                             Barista 125 Gals Television

                                                                                                       (Link Here)



Huber Heights 4th of July Parade 2015 (Photos Below from 4th of July 2014)   

It's almost that time of the year again everyone!  The Huber Heights 4th of July Parade 2015!  Last year we were the "Floating Cafe" and the Barista 125 Gals passed out mini milkshakes (see our actual photos below) and mini cupcakes (actual photo) as we made our way through to the end of the event.  Some Barista Gals below attended and some could not for other reasons.  It was the first for us, and I believe the first for a moving cafe!  This year's event is fast approaching and we have all new staff to help out with this community held event!  There are so many more participants than last year.  City officials, State Representatives, WPAFB bands, Fire, Police and many businesses participated.  We hope to see you there this coming July 2015! 


This year, I have not fully decided on how we will present ourselves to the community.  I just know it will be in an upstanding way!  Thanks to the City of Huber Heights for such an amazing event scheduled for this coming July 2015!



Began the process of getting Cafe 125 cold coffees and Chicken & Waffles Syrup collections in Kroger. Not expecting too much, but took one step and they sent back for me to take the next 2-10 steps. I will probably give up when this gets too much to deal with, but I always keep pushing. Advanced Business 101, Section G-H, Paragraph d: Never give up!  Even when you don't know where to turn next!

Just keep pushing entrepreneurs! So far, so good!


               Cafe 125 Chicken & Waffles Syrups                                 "125" cold coffee                                     Photo:  Kroger Expo 2015, Englewood, OH






Upcoming Marigold Festival:  September 12, 2015

Thank you City of Huber Heights!  So very much!!!!!

Could only copy and past content.  We could not upload our original invitation to this years Marigold's Festival given by the City of Huber Heights 2015!  We will be our original selves:  THE OUTDOOR CAFE! Providing all your coffee and breakfast needs.  It looks like we will be allowed to set up much earlier this year to provide all your morning coffee and breakfast needs!
City of Huber Heights
SEPTEMBER 12, 2015
11:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Musical groups will be scheduled to perform throughout the day offering a variety of styles and types of music.  A Kids Zone will be available so the children can have fun too! Lots of good food! We invite you to be a part of our festival at:



                                                                                        MARIGOLD FESTIVAL 2014


                      (Photos Above:  Marigold Festival 2014 with Brandi Boo and Rose Smith, Barista 125 Gals.  We were the "Outdoor Cafe.")




Cafe 125 Gourmet Teaser  & Cafe 125 Vanilla Complex B


     Pit Stop Drive Thru, Old Troy Pike, Huber Heights, OH                                          Clark Gas Station, Old Troy Pike, Huber Heights, OH   

Distributors call  (937) 718-2236 for special pricing and distribution info.  I have over 150 stores in New York, Ohio, Connecticut & Texas that need placement and monitoring of Cafe 125 cold-coffee's.  New stores and locations are welcome.  Please have your distributor contact us at (937) 718-2236 to join our team!