Cafe 125, The Coffee House & Waffles      Taking You To New Heights!     ....i told you so ....

4456 Powell Road, Powell Shopping Plaza, Huber Heights, Ohio 45424; Phone: (937) 718-2236; Hours Open:  Mon 8am-2pm & Tues-Sat 8am-6pm (EST)

The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show and Cafe 125 Cooking; Sundays at 12:30pm; Time Warner cable channels 5, 6 or 23 in Dayton, Riverside, Butler & northern counties.  DATV Live Streaming Sundays at 12:30pm; Youtube Burnmill Productions or Topplez Corporation.  A BURNMILL PRODUCTIONS



Dobropozalov!    Wilkommen!     Huanying!    Kalos Orisate!    Bienvenido!    Barakhaba!    Benvenuto!    Marhaban!    Kangei!  Accueil!   Jshdija!   Dun shy lah!

The Topplez Corporation, with my headquarters in New York and offices here in Ohio, I bring to you the home of Topplez Corporation's products and Cafe 125, The Coffee House & Waffles, where my goal is to 'create everlasting childhood memories in tastes and things you can remember. ' Remember when chocolate taste like chocolate? And you woke up to cold milk bottles outside your front door? This list could go on and on. Using the best ingredients to create a healthy, cold-coffee alternative and fresh food. Energy drinks are out and healthy is in! Don't let the copy-cats fool you. Being the first, means we have learned to provide you with the best in cold-coffee beverages. 

We use Simple Truth & Simple Truth Organic  products for our salads, and Private Selection meat, cheeses & breads for the best deli gourmet sandwiches around! All New, All Natural, All Good! ... i told you so ....


Welcome Friends from Both Near & Far Away Places!

United States *   Ukraine  *  Spain  *   Italy   *  Guinea  * Canada  *  Australia  *   Chile  *   Russian Federation *   Great Britain  *  Brazil  *  Japan  * Afghanistan  *  Germany    *  Portugal   *  India  *  Turkey  *  France  *  China  *  Netherlands  *  Philippines  *  Kuwait  *   Hong Kong  *  Belgium  * Taiwan  *  Denmark  *  Venezuela  *  Israel  *  Mexico  *  Puerto Rico   *  Romania   * Colombia   *  El Salvador   *  Egypt  *   Iraq   *  Thailand   *  Ireland  *  Singapore    *  Former Czechoslovakia  *  South Korea  *  Austria  *  US Virgin Islands   *   Hungary   *   Sweden   *  Ecuador   *   Czech Republic   *   European Country  *  Jamaica   *   Panama   *   Bulgaria   *   Slovak Republic  *  Brunei Darussalam   *   Namibia  *  Switzerland  *  Morocco  *  Cyprus  *  Malaysia  *  Vietnam  *  South Africa *   Greece   *

Thank you for supporting Cafe 125, The Coffee House & Waffles - Topplez Corporation from both near and far away places. We get approximately 6,000-23,000 hits per month on our website and we appreciate your support, letting me rant and rave about what is upsetting me and us! You can check back here and watch for updates to events, and news and it relates to Topplez Corporation (Cafe 125, The Coffee House & Waffles).



Cafe 125 PRODUCTS 


     Cafe 125 cold-coffee beverages                            Cafe 125, Chicken & Waffles Syrup Collection (Kroger) Kroger Expo  2015                                Englewood Marketplace



"The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show"  & "Cooking With Cafe 125"

Sundays at 12:30pm (EST) on Time Warner Channels 5, 6 or 23 in Dayton, Riverside, Butler & northern counties


                               Cooking With Cafe 125                                                                 Cooking With Cafe 125                                                      The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show




What is "125" ?

I am the beverage manufacturer of the cold-coffees:  125 Cafe Gourmet and 125 Vanilla Complex-B, made with 100% Arabica Coffee Espresso from the fields of Colombia, Organic Vanilla Enriched Soy, & Pure Spring Water; are just some of the basic ingredients of both my cold-coffees. Each one formulated to suit your taste buds and your bodies needs.  125  has 125 mg of caffeine per 8 oz serving, 13 grams of  muscle-building protein, blended with 10 different chocolates, nuts and creams for a smooth, creamy, delicious cold-coffee alternative.  The protein used in my cold-coffees contain Chlorophyll, Spirulina, Inisitol, Bromelain, Papaya, complete Vitamin B Complexes (B1,B2,B3,B5,B6,B9,B11, and B19) and Apple pectin fibres, to aid in the metabolism of proteins and carbohydrates in the body.  My cold-coffee's are for  TRUE connoisseurs with exquisite taste!     As always, ........... Taking You To New Heights!

And, now my new Cafe 125, Chicken & Waffles Syrups!  To enhance your Chicken & Waffles experience!



EVENTS & CAFE 125 "What's News?"


I have not completed the programming of the PayPal Payment Method.  Took quite sometime to build my new on-line clothing women's apparel.  For those who know me, it's not my first!  All items have the Cook signature under my 125 Logo.  Many colors and styles to choose from.  Details will be provided once PayPal is complete. ;)


Gracias, Mi Amigos y Amigas!

Yo puedo hablas Espanol like when yo left Nueva York, so por que yo no hablas en Englis?  No lo s out of el respeto.  Gracias para nuestro new cliente y familia en la communidad of Huber Heights!  En mi broken Espanol, thank you para tu patronage!  Yo promised  to make arroz con pollo, frijoles para plaintain.  Pregunto yo si yo puedo tostones (bwahaaa!)  Yo puedo learn!  Bwaaa!  Hola! Mi Agigos! Y Gracias!  Disculpe mi Espanol mi amigos!  Dios bless! 


Kielson-Dayton Company

After the phone call on 5/24/16 from some man who mentioned someone named "Megan" as his partner in helping to close my business ..... dear entrepreneurs .... this put fire in my step to distribute Topplez cold coffees and Cafe 125 Chicken & Waffles to everyone in Ohio!  Called Kielson this morning to discuss and submit product information, rack card images, brochures with product description, old distributor information and everything I could locate to give him a full background on Cafe 125 products!  Delivering samples after Monday's Memorial Day.  On a serious business mission again like when I first started Topplez Corporation in New York.  I have that same drive so I know its going to happen now!  If no distributor, I'll distribute myself until I have 150 stores back across Ohio, New York, Connecticut, Texas and I want Cali, plus more store!  Bringing my syrup collection to the distributor as well.  Talked for 45 minutes this morning.  I was content.  But now I'm not!

Taking You To New Heights!

... i told you so ...


                           Shell Gas Mart, Main Street @ Siebenthaler Ave., Dayton, Ohio


"Me and Megan's Goals is to Get You Out of Business By This Week!"


Received a "private" blocked call from an anonymous male caller who said:  Him and someone named Megan wants me out of business by this week (well, its almost Friday 5/25/16).  OK, now I was trying to be content with my store and slow things down a bit because I do get tired ya know, BUT NOW, I WANT EVERYTHING!  Want Cafe 125 Gourmet Coffee's in the 150 stores I had before my restaurant.  Also, want to begin to distribute my Chicken & Waffle Syrups into local area stores, mom & pops, restaurants, deli's and the four (4) states across New York, Ohio, Connecticut, Texas & hope to land California.  Because of this business threat, I wanna make the green envy monster glow in their asses!  I would have quietly grown old in my years, but they put the fire under Topplez Corporation.  I will begin to bottle my syrups and drinks and hit the roads!  Local distributors, please contact us for an exciting new product!  It's the perfect time now!   Now I will give this a little Bwaa haa, because haters give drive to entrepreneurs:  Topplez Corporation Advanced Business Course Rule #33; Paragraph H  "Never threaten a New York entrepreneur!"  Makes us work hard to smear green monster gook in your face.



The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show

Here is Diana Cousins in our most recent episode of The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show.  Again, we are putting together our 2017 Executive Calendar 60s theme and three of the models were filmed while photographed as they prepared for the calendar shoot.  Diana is an independent actress and model with MTM in Ohio.  Below are some photos created and photographed by Tracey Angel of Famus Fotos (facebook).



Huber Heights Parade 2016!

It's another year!  Well, three years, for us, actually.  The Huber Heights 4th of July 2016 Parade is around the corner and we have received our invitation to participate.  Yes, it's a lot of work, but I would be disappointed to miss an opportunity to say hello to the residents and community we are so fortunate to serve and be a part of an amazing event with participants from all levels of Ohio government and our community!  I think its time to be a little different than previous years as "the floating cafe."  I have had an idea for a couple of years, but did not feel like making it.  Perhaps if I start early, I can complete it without feeling overwhelmed.  It is going to be amazing if I do this, which I have to get this idea off my mind.  Will show photo, of course, as July 4, 2016 grows closer.


                       July 4, 2014                                               July 4, 2015

Our Hot Mini Buffet is back!


Episode 18:  The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show

with Larraine Mitchell, Famus Fotos (Model]


I better stop while I have the show uploaded. Would love to post behind scene photos but I don't have the patience to deal with the program changes on my website!  Another rant!  Very much warranted!  Meet Larraine with the "broken toe."  Read our TRUE FACTS on Cafe 125 The Reality TV Show (Facebook), cause I cant take this [bleep]!  I'm outy!

A Burnmill Productions


Huhhhh [Sigh!]

Trying not to rant right now.  It's hard though.  Just one small rant.  Mostly, I'm not "flattered" by copy cats.  I can't do [bleep] around here or announce any ideas without these local cafe's morphing!   No room to breathe.  And how are there 26,000 monthly viewers and only 50 watch the youtube uploads on Burnmill Productions page Cafe 125 Reality TV?  What the hell are you all really interested in?  What are you looking at?  Can't be me because I never post things about me, only about Cafe 125-Topplez.  Which is my business, but not me.  Just a tiny tiny rant compared to my larger ones. ;).

Signed, CEO


Welcome,  .... Vietnam & South Africa!

Thank you new friends in far away places!  Hope you all are well, and Peace be unto you all! ;)


She is Back!  And She IS Real!

OK. Giving her a 2nd chance!  She sent me a message in the middle of the night saying "she would like to do our Reality show and our 2017 CAFE 125 Executive 60s themed calendar.  I took her bait!  So much more behind our private chat for over an hour regarding everything we both expect.  This girl has fans, but she has so much more to offer the world!  No one did anything for me, but I love helping those who never get a chance .... the underdog!  Again, for those who remember her introduction here on my website, meet Simone Skocic !  She is finally ready!  Now all the curious ones, even me, can finally hear her voice, and see what's up with Simone!  Too much more to say, but she is taking a look at all the positive opportunities before her!  Well, background ... months back she was to come on my show.  With so much procrastination, I began to think she had a fake profile on Facebook, using fake photos.  Well, after I posted a statement on Facebook that she was fake, she posted new photos!  Bwaaa haaaa!  Shut me up.  So, here she is .......



How Dare We?!

We can raise $54 million for Republican Conventions and Democratic Conventions in four days, but the rest of us are starving?  How can there be school children with no materials to study; cutting aid to families; want to repeal healthcare but yall can raise money like that in a few days?!  I despise greed and injustice; selfishness; money mizers!

Signed, CEO


Stand Up To Big Corporations!

Stand up to big corporations!  Verizon, T-Mobile, Apple..... If they take our jobs away, fire us or move away, DON'T USE THEM!  They NEED YOU, me!  Sick of these greedy ba$#aR@s!  Despise greed!

Signed, CEO


No Pork, Pleeeaaase!


Nothing has changed!  No need to worry.  Fresh, all natural ingredients!  Chipotle may be serving burgers.  MacDonalds ... pizza.  Cafe 125 ... all natural, all good, all the time ... no flip flopping around when you serve the best!


Miss Tayla Moyler, Barista 125 Calendar 2017


Tayla Moyler (Facebook) was selected for our Cafe 125 Executive Calendar (60s Themed) because of her natural beauty.  No hair extensions and little makeup for this photo shoot.  We were not sure if she would be around for the next television/film shoot for The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show, so we moved forward with photographing her for the calendar.  She is enrolled at Morgan State and we hope she succeeds at her professional plans after graduation!  Beautiful, warm spirit!


Meet Julie Mitchell of Famus Fotos for Cafe 125

The Cafe 125 The Reality TV Show

A Burnmill Productions

Time Warner cable channels 5, 6 and 23 in Dayton, Riverside, Butler & northern counties

Sundays @ 12:30pm (EST); or Burnmill Productions Youtube; The Cafe 125  Reality TV Show (facebook)

now other Time Warner cable times!

There are way too many behind the scene photos to share with you all, so I posted the finished product from each models shoot and you can view my "hidden facts" or "true facts" on The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show (Facebook).  There is where I list behind the scenes mishaps and what happened before, during or after their live photo shoot!  You'll hear some good secrets, some funny secrets or no secrets on our Reality Show business page!  The first episode of The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show Live Photo Shoot will be Julie.  You'll see how these amazing photos were created and the pains of a model at work.  All photography was done by TRACY ANGEL, Famus Fotos (owner/photographer/artwork).  Tracy and I would make a great team, however she works out of Kentucky! 

True Facts:  A producer/director saw Julie Mitchells photo on my Facebook page and asked her to be in the movie "But I'm An Actress" shooting this Saturday at Cafe 125.

So many beautiful photos, its hard to choose which ones will be in our Cafe 125 60s Themed Executive Calendar 2017 for the select few;).  Business entrepreneurs, city and state representatives that visit, our councilmembers, police, fire, union and all are discreet business customers!  #wearenotforeveryone  #cafe125fortheselectfew  #yourbusinesscafe  #yourhiddencafeinhuber

Photographers Note:  Shelly Photography, Dayton, OH did not feel comfortable doing our 60s calendar.  Bwaaa haaa! Seriously?!  Not sure what she was thinking, but I LOVE Tracy's work and hope we continue this working relationship. Thank you.

Read The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show on Facebook.

Famus Fotos (Facebook)

Hair:  Barbergirl Lovin Hair

Phtotos:  Tracy Angel

A Burnmill Productions & Ark Productions



             ... more to come with Julie!

Behind Scene Photos

Models:  Julie Mitchell, Larraine Mitchell (Famus Fotos Models) & Diana Cousins

Photographer:  Tracy Angel

Hair:  Barbergirl Lovin Hair (Facebook, Dayton, OH)

A Burnmill Productions & Ark Productions

Today was our first live photo shoot & tv productions for The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show.  Each model/actress was photographed while my cameraman filmed an episode for our tv show and our Cafe 125 60s themed Executive Calendar 2017!  Here are photos from todays shoot.  More to be filmed and uploaded as we present each model and episode on The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show here! :)

The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show can be seen on Time Warner cable channels 5, 6, and 23 in Dayton, Riverside, Butler & northern counties on Sundays @12:30pm (EST) and other days and stations!  Burnmill Productions Youtube & Cafe 125 The Coffee House & Waffles Youtube stations, also.

Julie's eyes kept watering on these outdoors shots; one model with a fractured toe; one driving like a bat out of hell to get here .... you'll see!



Life Deals You Lemons ....

Make ice cream cupcakes!  With a picket fence ....  Or you can always build a lemonade stand! :)


Calendar 2017 Cafe 125 Models/Actresses

We now get 18,000-22,000 hits per month on our website from all over the world! So many hits per day that I cannot even get on my own website to make changes and announcements.  So, I will stop with our newest additions to our Calendar 125!  Oh my, give me some time to upload more when our website permits.  Thank you

Meet:  Dawn All'Star Britany (Facebook)  Famus Models & Diana Cousins (Facebook)


           Dawn                                                            Diana                                                                                       Angel


Cafe 125 "This Lil Light" Paint & Wine Party

Paint & Wine Party registration link (above)

March 26, 2016 (Saturday)


Come Make & Meet New Friends at Cafe 125

#yourlittlehiddencafe  #Cafe125fortheselectfew  #yourexecutivequietcafe


Not calling the "race card." We have a race problem!

Admit it!  Couldn't help myself.  I'm disgusted!  Now, back to Cafe 125!


Political Disclaimer

Please excuse this political fiasco for president over here, some of us really are intelligent.


Julie Mitchell Barista 125 Calendar 2017

The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show Live Photo Shoot

Meet Julie Mitchell, Jasmine, Tayla, Diana, Chandra & Arpi on the next episodes of our Reality TV Show!  Each Barista 125 guy/gal will be featured on our 1/2 hour show as this Calendar shoot will be filmed for television.  A Burnmill Productions

The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show can be seen on Time Warner cable channels 5, 6 and 23 in Dayton, Riverside, Butler & northern counties; Sundays @ 12:30pm (EST) and NOW we have more days (according to viewers who say "I saw you on TV)!  Burnmill Productions Youtube; LIVE Streaming DATV; Cafe 125 The Coffee House & Waffles Youtube!

Photos Courtesy:  Famus Fotos, Kentucky (Facebook)

Model:  Julie Mitchell (Facebook)




Cafe 125 Gourmet Teasers cold coffees!

Just in time for the warm months ahead!  Topplez Cafe 125 Gourmet Teasers cold coffee beverages!  Still the best cold coffee around!  125 mg of caffeine, 13g of Muscle Building proteins!  Don't let the copy cats fool you!  The first protein coffee on the market!  Sorry Starbucks, you're late!  New batch, same great taste!

February 25, 2016


New Menu Design! Visit our "MENU" page! 


Calendar of Events at Cafe 125, The Coffee House & Waffles

February 26, 2016  Cafe 125 Barista Calendar 2017 shoot/TV

March 5, 2016    BCFC Men's Congregation Meeting 9-12pm

March 19, 2016  "But I Am An Actress" Short Film/Scene Shoot

March 26, 2016  Paint & Wine Party 3-5:30PM (EST) Registration Open

April ___, 2016   Huber Heights Councilman, Richard Shaw & Guests

May 7, 2016       Private Birthday Party w/Comedian 7-11pm


Cafe 125 Barista 2017 Calendar Shoot for TV

It was suggested the other day putting together a Calendar of our Barista 125 staff for a 2017 Calendar.  I have thought of this before, but the previous staff have been too young to consider this, however, with our new Wine license, and our more mature Barista's, I think this is an awesome idea.  So, we already have four (4) Barista 125 Gals we will be photographing this February 26, 2016 to begin our Calendar 2017!  We will televise this film shoot on The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show for our upcoming new Episodes!  You will see new Barista 125 Calendar Gals!  Some current, and some whom never worked at Cafe 125, but want to be a part of our televised shoot.  We have eight (8) available model spots ... which month would you like to be?  Must be at least 18 years of age to be considered.  All types, nationalities and more mature are encouraged to step outside of the box and join us.  This is a FREE calendar for our customers, clients, events/promotional marketing and will be limited in quantity.  Put in your order NOW!  Message or email us for your copy!

Must wear black pants/leggings, black shirt, black high heels.  Uniform provided.

A Burnmill Productions

Photographer:  Shelly Allen Photography, Dayton, Ohio



"But I'm An Actress" filming at Cafe 125, March 26, 2016

The short film : "But I'm An Actress" will be shooting a scene at Cafe 125, March 26, 2016!  Once again, thank you for choosing us as your place for business!


Paint & Wine Party at Cafe 125!


       Photo from:  Barstools & Brushstrokes

When:  March 26, 2016

Time:  3:00-5:30pm (EST)

Cost:  $25 per person / $50 per couple

Come and let your creative abilities flow with Barstools & Brush Strokes art instructor as she helps you create a work of art made by you and others party participants!  All art supplies are provided: 16 x 20 easle, paint brush, paint and art instructor who will lead the class!  Enjoy a glass of wine while you create, laugh and make new friends in our lovely environment!  Food, wine & mixed drinks are sold separately!  As soon as they put up our Event Calendar, we will provide a link so you can register.  Credit cards accepted on their link.

Barstool & Brush Strokes:  "We create fun and unique art experiences staged in wineries, restaurants, bars, rooftops, gardens, art galleries, coffee shops, or any other swanky location that lets us bring the paint!"


The Cafe125 MobileApp!


The Cafe125 Mobile App!  Now you can scan in the QR Code below for Super Savings, News & Updates!  Oh yes, entrepreneurs.  Taking You To New Heights!  Follow us on your Smartphone (iOS, Android & Windows compatability)!  I was sent a link by this company to create our own MobileApp!  Loving this idea from this company.  Good for them, bad for us because others will soon ruin a good thing for business.  Thank you to the creators and representative who sent me this info!  Yeah! 

    Cafe 125 QR Code


Completed Cafe 125 The Coffee House & Waffles Commercial

Starring:  Raz (Jesse Gilbert as "the hungry crazed customer") and Sidney (as "the waitress")

Directed & Produced:  Burnmill Productions

Camera Assistant:  Rusty Pietrzak or Ark Productions

Release Date:  March/April 2016

Stations:  Time Warner TV Channels TBA


Meet Jasmine!

Barista 125 Gal .... Wine Server ... Excellence 125 Style!


Now Serving Wine, Licensed!

Thank you Huber Heights Police, Huber Heights Fire, Huber Heights City Councilmembers, The State of Ohio and all the contributing officials and offices that made it possible for us to obtain our Liquor Permit.

Wine by the Glass/Tastes

Comedy Nights * Private Parties * Special Events

Must be 21 years of age to be served with proper ID


Comedy Nights at Cafe 125 Returns, March 2016!

Comedy Nights at Cafe 125, The Coffee House & Waffles returns this coming March!  New comedians, old, corny, unfunny, no good material, near and far away are welcome!  Call, email or message for Bookings - Fridays at Cafe 125!


Wine & Food Served


Thank you!

I would like to thank my old employer Kettering Health Network for firing me in November 2015, for missing three meetings scheduled on my days off and one on my vacation because I now have a Government job, again, and my store!   Bwaaa haaa!  I will never in my life work for a private organization that is not government affiliated or unionized!  That was the number one reason to open my Cafe - job security.  Private companies can be shady when you grow old, sick, or about to draw pensions.  Shame on this religious fronting hospital institution!  Some religious move you made, but I win!


Welcome ... new friends in Namibia

Thank you for your support!  Peace & Blessings, Namibia


Meet Andrea Selby:  Episode 16 Cooking with Cafe 125

What the hell happened on this Episode?  Oh, I know what happened alright.  Andrea was a comedian, and I needed a cook!  My cameraman filmed a Cooking and Reality Show together!  Next time, I will have to screen assistants and go over the Cooking Segment before taping to make sure things go smoothly.  Otherwise, I will conduct my Cooking Segments solo.  Well, we all learn and I learned my lesson.

A Burnmill Productions


The Cafe  Reality TV Show:  Episode 15

"Just my cat way of doing things!"

In this episode, my cameraman and I are discussing our epic commercial planning for advertising and marketing for The Cafe.  I couldn't control my laughter.  Oh dear ... my mouth!  I apologize .... again!  As you can see, I put my head down when I couldn't control myself any longer.  Bwaaa haa!

A Burnmill Productions


New School Lunch Program!

Had a meeting to prepare kids lunches for a larger daycare here in Ohio.  Serving 55-75 toddlers, preK, and Two's!  Won't mention the location or school at this time!  Just a way to show entrepreneurs how to move forward and take advantage of opportunities you never even imagined!  Well, .... I imagined mines months back!  Bwaaa haaa!


Meet Andrea!  The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show:  Episode 16

The Cafe 125 Cooking Segment with Andrea Selby

Last week we taped Episode 16 of The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show with Andrea Selby.  The taping went well.  It's been difficult to upload our episodes as they are released because my cameraman is having some technical issues with equipment, hoping to be resolved soon.  Well, let me just tell you, do I need to screen applicants before doing a show?  This particular episode features Andrea, a local in the Ohio area, but she can't seem to function at a place of business without her cell phone and texting, texting, ... texting!  Is this generation serious?! Hell no! Anyway, I had to hurry up and finish this show and get her out of here so she could marry that darn phone!  Are you kidding me?  In short, I paid her to train while she texted.  Anyway, cute face ...  Meet Andrea on the next upload of The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show.

We made light breakfast salad ideas I found on the internet.  Very beautiful dishes, excellent for entertaining guests!


                                      Photo:  Food Network                    Photo:  The Cafe 125 TV Show final plating.

The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show can be seen on Sundays 12:30pm (EST) on Time Warner Cable channels 5, 6 and 23 in Dayton, Riverside, Butler & northern counties!  A Burnmill Productions!


Sneak Peek!

Not Released Work.  A Burnmill Productions of our latest commercial to promote Cafe 125, The Coffee House & Waffles on a televised network.  I have not decided which station I will choose for release.  We are still doing edits, but so far I like what we have.  I have released this on our website for our friends and followers around the world!  Peace 

Starring:  Raz ("the hungry crazed customer")

Starring:  Barista 125 Gal, Sidney Mae Clay

Produced/Directed/Written by:  Burnmill Productions

Camera Assist:  William Rusty Pietrzak, Ark Productions

Date:  December 13, 2015

Commercial Advertisement Purposes


Welcome Brunei Darussalam!

Thank you my friends!


Our most recent television venture!

Our latest television project for Cafe 125, The Coffee House & Waffles (a Burnmill Productions).  Starring Raz (Jesse Gilbert) as the "hungry crazed customer" and Sidney Mae Clay as the "cafe waitress." This will be an epic piece of work!  Haven't been saying much about what it's for because it will be out soon; I believe around the first of the year.  Nothing like you've seen perhaps in a long time, I will say!  Bwaaa haaa!  Below Sidney is doing a "chopping" scene and Raz (in the black trench coat) is ravenous!  Took four hours to shoot all the scenes from the storyboard presented to me.  I did not write any of this material.  A first time for me turning over an entire project to a crew of any kind!  I like the surprise, plus you can see my reaction to the script in Episode 15 of The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show.





Too Much To Say, Too Little Time

So sorry I have not kept you all abreast to what is going on.  While me and Facebook are on the up and up, I find time to post updates on the "Cafe 125, The Coffee House & Waffles" Facebook page.  But, here goes ....



First image is Sidney, from today (12/11/15) after I had made a customer one of our new Protein Shakes:  Pineapple-Wheatgrass is pictured above.  From the menu boards, you can see all the amazing additions! Had a grinch big heart moment, and made "Cafe 125 Emergency Food Baskets" for anyone who needs to know they are not forgotten, and for the less fortunate.  Perhaps someone is going through a difficult circumstance and this Food Kit will be just enough.  We included a $7 FREE GIFT CERTIFICATE for any food items in our Cafe!  I made seven (7) gift baskets, for seven strangers.  As I pass someone or with a recommendation, I will hand them out before Xmas.  Included mini items and a mini stocking stuffer with smaller items. 

BCFC Men's Congregation held their meeting here last Saturday, and made reservations for the 2nd Saturday in January 2016.  I made breakfast, but everyone wanted Chicken & Waffles.  Sidney was amazing, as always! 

Booked for a baby shower January 16, 2016 to welcome the gift of life.

Looks like we are preparing lunches for our daycare for NIGHT SCHOOL.  This evening (12/11/15) was the first for this preparation.  Thank you Huber Heights, parents and Creating Moments in Learning for their trust and patronage.

It's been a busy week since November 6, 2015.  Totally amazing!  Cafe 125, The Reality TV Show is now on Episode 15.  When I walk in stores, people are starting to notice me more.  It's funny because I haven't seen my own show, except for tapings.  Bwaaa haaa!

This Sunday (12/13/15) shooting the  most awesome television commercial ever!  This will be advertisement for my restaurant.  You are going to be like "dang!"  What an awesome piece of work.  A Burnmill Productions.


What's Happening Entrepreneurs?  Well, let me tell you...

and thanks for asking.  Well, as I stated below, I have been busy with the daily school lunch program for our daycare/childcare center.  Very fortunate to have this account.  Looks like they will finally be serving their full hours advertised " ... until 10pm (EST)" and I believe they need even meals provided, as well.  Sent them a personal message letting them know we are available to service their P.M. daycare/childcare meals just the same.

We were approved for our liquor license, however it was for hard liquor!  Oh my!  I mistakenly applied for the incorrect licensing for wine, so I had to cancel our previous license and reapply for the correct alcohol of wines.  Listed to take 10-12 weeks, but I am hoping that since all the paperwork was current and recently granted, they can switch things around quickly.  Purchased some of the proposed wines of Chardonnay, Zinfandel, Chianti, Moscato and other interesting flavors!

Thanks again, to Huber Heights Local Awards Program for choosing Cafe 125 as the best Cafe in Huber Heights!  You can read below. 

Now that I have a grasp on the operations, my plan now is for (Blank).  The (Blank) is a simple goal that every business strives for; its not unusual or special, but my reason for not telling my goal  to you is because sometimes its better to show people than tell people; that way, they can't take away or interfere with what they don't know. Wink ;)

Peace my friends both near and far away places.


Believer's Christian Fellowship Church

Welcome, BCFC Men's Congretational Meeting this December 5, 2015 at Cafe 125, The Coffee House & Waffles!  We're at your service with all your breakfast needs!  Thanks for choosing us as your place to meet.


Cafe 125 Reality TV Show:  Episode 14

On this episode of The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show, we are having an Open Discussion:  "Dreadlocks."  I wanted to hear a hairstylists take on being natural, dreadlocks, techniques in locking.  Wish she could have demonstrated on a live person, but this is a cafe - O.K?!  Meet Saux Nesby, local hairstylist.  Let's find out more together as I watch the show for the first time myself.



Since they changed this program in my website, making comments irritates me because it doesn't create spaces correctly.  Can't explain it, but as I add entries, you will understand.  I'll put asterisks to indicate "the end" until I figure out what is up.  Could be the font used since its new for my usage.   Technical support says it's my computer.  I say it's their programming.   Hello entrepreneurs.  Well, I have been busy with our School Lunch Program, Monday through Friday, and it is keeping me pretty busy.  As soon as I come in the door in the morning and set everything up, it is nearly time to prepare the lunches.  I pull out all the ingredients for that's day calendered meal, and begin my planning and timing in preparation.  Total up the days receipts from previous day, a few morning customers who come almost all the time, and it's time to begin.   Try to make entries of "What's News?" but when I do have a break there are more things that I need to do.  Testing out new late night hours.  I'll see how this goes over time.  Hard staying in the store for 14 hours straight.  Ten is enough! 

Where is Estonia?  Thanks for your views.  Sounds beautiful.

Thanks Philippines and all our worldly friends!

More late!



Thank you City of Huber Heights!


Barista 125 Gal, Sidney! 


It's All Over.

Elections are all over and we have finally gotten back to normal business.  New candidates won.  Some old candidates were re-elected and some will have to give up their seat next year.  Wishing everyone success in all their roles as life leads you on this journey.  Still waiting on our Wine license permit.  When they said will take 10-12 weeks, feels like its been about 12 weeks.  Haven't checked the initial date of my application, but feeling like we should be hearing something very soon.


What's News?


Barista 125 Gal, Sidney, helped package school lunches for our new client.  Packaged fresh apple slices dipped in lemon juice, a block of turkey n' cheese cracker sandwich, mini sandwich on flax seed grain bread, cheddar fish crackers, sliced cucumber and carrots, strawberries with whipped cream.

Today was just a "typical day at Cafe 125."  We are still continuing our School Lunch Program for Creating Moments Early Learning Center, Huber Heights, Ohio.  Today was "fun meal."  The kids love the "picnic" meal (they call it).  Incorporated more raw vegetables, fresh fruits and cheese in these platings.  Hoping they don't notice how good it is for them and eat it all!  Put fresh strawberries with a dollop of whipped cream for a refreshing dessert.  My first time preparing this treat for the kids.  Sidney, our new Barista 125 Gal, is super amazing!  We've had amazing before, and she is right up there.  Entrepreneurs, it pays to hire those with experience!  It will save you a loooottt of headache!  They "get it!"  She greets visitors at the door; opens the door for those that may have some challenges; keeps the place clean; follows all the Cafe 125 Maintenance Duties, as listed; knows how to keep track of a crowd; never looks overwhelmed while doing it; super friendly; easy to talk to and get along with; arrives on time each shift; asks to do more; created a possible delivery account with Wright Patterson Air Force Base customers!  

The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show (Episode 13)

It was just a typical day at Cafe 125.  You've already met Sidney, our new Barista 125 Gal/Cashier.  She has such a kind heart that she asked if I could employ her best friend, Belle.  I said yes.  Well, here is some of the training our staff undergoes.  The time allotted was not enough time to get through 1/2 of the things I proposed to show them, but ... well, you'll see.

A Burnmill Productions 

 with Sidney and Belle.



Open Discussion on the next taping of The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show

If you have real dreadlocks, locs, dreads or crown, call us or email us your contact information for an open discussion on "Dreadlocks" over lunch and coffee at Cafe 125 Must be all natural hair.  No synthetic hair.  No yarn.  The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show is a Burnmill Productions and can be seen on Time Warner cable channels 5, 6, or 23 in Dayton, Riverside, Butler & northern counties; Sundays at 12:30pm (EST).


School's Out!  She's Back!

Gabrielle is back!  School is all done and all positions at Cafe 125 have all been filled.  Thank you


These behind-the-scene photos are from Episode 7 of The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show with Gabrielle.  She visited Cafe 125 today ready to work and will fill our Wednesday 10-2pm opening and others hours as both our schedules permit. (A Burnmill Productions)



Meet Child Star:  Moriah Yong!

                                 Moriah Yong's photo.   

Photo Courtesy: Deidhra Fahey Photography, Los Angeles, CA

Child Star, Moriah Yong, appeared on our Episode 11 of The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show.  It was an unexpected visit that day.  We were already in the middle of an event and taping when she arrived with family to do our show.  I had no time to sit and focus on her and her career, so I have invited her back for a 2nd interview, if she would have us.  I'd like to sincerely apologize for me not highlighting her visit, that's why I've extended myself.  She's had a few small roles in a couple of short films; into acting and directing which we hope to find out more and show some of her film clips on her next visit.  The awesome photos above are courtesy of Deidhra Fahey Photography.  Moriah Yong's facebook link is below. (A Burnmill Productions)!/moriahyong1027/?pnref=story




Business is just that ..... busy.

I am very fortunate to have this business and customers from day one of my opening my doors.  I have been truly lucky at this venture.  This month and last month have been very busy, so much so, that I hired the additional staff.  With our new Daily Lunch Program, just not sure how the word is getting out.  The political events, service members from Wright Patterson Air Force Base (not sure how they found out about us), quite a few new faces.  Been truly amazing - all with no advertisements currently running.  Just my website, social media and word of mouth, I guess.  Business has increased about 30 - 40%.  Just truly amazed and thanking everyong for their support.  Please let me know how I can give back.  Send a message here or on Facebook so we can share or link your information.  If you have a twisted Facebook page with a bunch of negative or vulgar material ... keep it movin'!  You can make it much further without all this extra stuff going on entrepreneurs.  Let's keep it movin'.




New Delivery Account!

Thank you to Huber Animal Hospital, Brandt Pike location & its staff!  We will be making special business deliveries for coffee and food.  Thank you for your support, Huber Heights, Ohio!


Meet Belle Starr Bryan, 2nd 125 Barista New Hire!

On Episode 13, meet both Belle Starr Bryan and Sidney as we go through the Cafe 125 training processes.  Sidney never got the chance to train on her first day of working our Lu Dale private re-election event, so on our next Episode you entrepreneurs will get to see some of the training our staff undergoes.  I prefer other staff to train one another, but today, it was me.  You will also get to meet Belle Starr, a 2nd hire.  Belle is not experienced in customer service, but I will give her an opportunity because how will our youths ever learn if no one gives them the chance.  If she shows an interest in learning, I am willing to help her, as she is helping Cafe 125 also.  It was ...... just a typical day at Cafe 125, The Coffee House & Waffles on Episode 13 of The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show.  Thanks to all our supporters all over the world!

Peace & Blessings

Stay 100!



Episode 12:  Meeting Sidney for the first time!

The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show (A Burnmill Productions); Sundays at 12:30pm on Time Warner cable Channels 5, 6 or 23 in Dayton, Riverside, Butler & northern counties.  Or Youtube Burnmill Productions 



Enjoy our newest Episode of:  The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show!  It was just a typical day at Cafe 125 and this was my first meeting Sidney, just the other day.  My cameraman is fast with small edits.  Should be up on television this Sunday, so you are previewing before release.



Next week plans (see our past daycare meals below).

Next week, I hope to have photo shoot with Sidney for our upcoming marketing of our amazing new staff.  I like her because she was the only applicant who followed directions in applying.  I asked applicants to apply in person.  Not call or email as I stated below.  I also like her because she is not trying to be a model, movie star, actress, not looking to start some side business; she needs a job and that's what I'm here to give her.  Excited to have just a normal person, but always want everyone to seek higher within themselves.  We'll see what the cards hold. More kids meals to prepare each and every day.  Kids are really picky and its hard to get them to eat healthy.  That is a challenge.  Business has been just that, busy.  Glad to find I need extra help.  Kitchen needed expansion so I put up stainless steel shelves to make room for plating foods for large orders at one time.  Frees up the space on my tables for more room.  Great move!  One more political event this coming Saturday (9/30/15).  We'll tape this final event for television (The Cafe 125 Show).  Wishing all candidates good luck this November 3, 2015.  Speak soon.



Meet Sidney, our new Barista 125 Gal

Today was a super busy day.  This was the 4th Saturday of Lu Dale (Huber Heights City Councilmember) having come to Cafe 125 for preelection strategies.  It is a very busy Saturday each time they've come.  Can we say Chicken & Waffles?  Many, many orders, but Sidney was there to make things right.  Although today was her first day, it tells a lot about an individual and what can be expected of her skills.  I plan to train her beginning next week, so she can  have a moment to familiarize herself with our techniques and to just be able to find things.  I can tell that I will like this type of employee.  Glad to have help and have her aboard.  Next week we will do our photo shoot next week with a fresh look.  Training on all instruments and coffees ... its a gradual thing, but we will get there.


              Sidney, Barista 125 Gal's first day on the job.  True professional!



New Staff, New Uniforms, New Barista 125 Gal

Well, over the past few weeks I had been looking for new staff to replace the old.  You will meet our new hiree, Sidney Clay !  Experienced in food service, I cannot wait for her to begin this coming Saturday.  She was the only applicant that followed directions.  I did  not say call or send me an email.  I asked applicants to apply in person, which she did.  I wanted to see applicants that were serious about seeking employment, and were ambitious enough to come out.  If applicants will not come out of their house to seek a job, those calling will be the one's who will probably let you down in the end.  She will begin her first day serving the Huber Heights City Councilmember, Lu Dale, and her election team on 9/24/15.  We will also be taping Episode 13 of the Cafe 125 Reality TV Show & Cafe 125 Cooking segments next week, so she will fit in perfectly.  We will be scheduling her photo shoot, hopefully, Saturday and post them as soon as I have available.


                                           Davita Cook's photo.

                           Above are some new uniforms I came across, and I think will make an amazing impression on our customers, officials, and friends! 

Taking You To New Heights!

... i told you so ....




Episode 12:  The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show

Today we filmed Episode 12.  I wasn't in the mood today, but once my cameraman arrived, he put me in an awesome mood.  It was just a typical day at Cafe 125, The Coffee House & Waffles.  Made new friends.  New applicant applied for the Barista 125 job.  Her name is Sidney.  She happened to walk in while taping and didn't mind being on air.  Seems like an intelligent young lady.  It was a wonderful day at Cafe 125.  A perfect ending to our Fish & Tator tot Lunch for the kids!



What's For Lunch?

Below are some of the lunches that I have been preparing for the new client/account Creating Moments Early in Learning Center, Huber Heights, Ohio 45424.  Lunch is served between 11:00 - 11:30 am each and every day with no delay.  I began preparations around 9:30am and allow time for plating all foods, packing them and placing them in a warmer until lunch time.  The kids do not eat on the premises.  The daycare is located a few doors down, which an employee will pick them up or we will deliver them to the daycare.  As I stated, it is difficult to get kids to eat healthy.  They seem to prefer the "picnic" type meals, where I put the mini sandwiches, carrot and fruit slices, crackers, and turkey rolls.  She told me the kids called it a "picnic" meal.  Haaaa  It was easy to get them to eat this meal, the daycare worker told me.  We communicate regularly as to what the kids will eat and will not, then I don't make it again - I substitute something else and make a note of it for next months schedule.  They also want hotdogs, which I am not a fan of, but its what was asked of me to make, which I did and of course, the kids love that meal!  So on some days I will continue to get them to eat healthy, but will incorporate fun foods as well so the kids will not go hungry.  Because kids will not eat what they don't like!  Period!  Fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, protein and grains are a major part of each meal as part of our lunch program

Creating Moments Early Learning Center, Huber Heights, Ohio 45424






New Opportunities for Cafe 125!

Monday, we begin providing nutritious  lunches for Creating Moments Early in Learning Center, Huber Heights  five (5) days a week utilizing American USDA standards with a focus on European and International food ideas for kids.  We will have limited service to the public between 10:00am - 11:30am to accommodate this new addition to our schedule, and open up full to the public after 11:45am, Monday - Friday. 




The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show (with Child Star Mariah)


On this Episode, you will hear Lu Dale, the current Huber Heights City Councilmember campaign for her upcoming November 3, 2015 election for re-election for Ward 1 District of Huber Heights.  Also, meet child star Moriah Yong.  Was way too busy to even meet and speak with her, but my cameraman, William L. Miller of Burnmill Productions, was to the rescue while I took orders all day, soon after, running out of Chicken & Waffles.  Thanks to all the customers that were patient, and we apologize to the two who could not wait!  This video of Lu Dale is effective, let's just say that!  This is also one of our first Episodes where I was just too busy to even talk with our fans.  Hopefully, this will give you a feel of Cafe 125 and our amazing repour with our customers.  Love them all, even the two who were upset that I could not get to them.  But, in my defense, we were only just taping a television show, catering to our City Council member and guests, interviewing a guest for the Cafe 125 ... that all ... just a typical day at Cafe 125.

Let's learn more together about our guests, as I sit back and listen to my own Reality Show, so I can see what went on. 

Peace & Blessings my friends.

Taking You To New Heights!

.... i told you so ......



PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT  "125" for Lu Dale, City Councilmember

Lu Dale, Huber Heights City Councilmember

Election November 3, 2015  Goals, Achievements & Aspirations


 (Brought to you by Cafe 125, The Coffee House & Waffles & The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show; A Burnmill Productions)



125 Barista in Review




 Past Cafe 125 Barista Gals (some photos of past gals may be missing)



It's Official!

We have been given the opportunity to provide our School Lunch Program, Monday-Friday to Creating Moments in Learning, Huber Heights, Ohio!  Providing affordable, healthy lunches using some of the finest food products available.  American, European and International standards of lunches with our main focus on European and International standards of healthy food choices.  Not just your ordinary lunch program!

Start Date:  October 19, 2015

Thank you.





Cafe 125 Reality TV Show:  Episode 10

Featuring:  Arpi Agoyan


Cafe 125 Your Election Headquarters

Upcoming Events

October 10, 2015 City Council Meeting at Cafe 125 (time TBA)

October 17, 2015 City Council Meeting at Cafe 125 "TBA

October 24, 2015 City Council Meeting at Cafe 125 "TBA

October 31, 2015 City Council Meeting at Cafe 125 "TBA

Burnmill Productions has been retained to tape the Public Service Announcement for the City Council Members and Council-At-Large for Huber Heights current office holders, October 17, 2015 for "Cafe 125" Television; Sunday's at 12:30pm (EST).

Cafe 125 Television programs can be seen on Time Warner cable channels 5, 6 or 23 in Dayton, Riverside, Butler & northern counties.  Youtube Burnmill Productions





Behind-the-Scene Photos of

Armenian Beauty:  Arpine Agoyan

from The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show:  Episode 10

Sunday's at 12:30pm





                Arpi Agoyan upcoming projects:  Her film "Desert Coin" and building a school in Armenia (Episode 10 of the Cafe 125 Reality Show)

 Super talented, Arpi is working on her film "Desert Coin" produced/directed by Robert Breen about the Armenian genocide of 1915 - in its production stages.  She will also be featured in a thriller film where she has a cameo role, she is an awesome cook, amazing artiste, makeup artist and so much more!  Hear more from Arpi about what she likes to do on Episode 10 of The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show, Sundays at 12:30pm on Time Warner cable channels 5, 6 or 23 in Dayton, Riverside, Butler & northern counties.  Youtube Burnmill Productions and other social media outlets.  The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show & Cafe 125 Cooking is a Burnmill Productions.





The more, the merrier ... at Cafe 125!

        Derrick Lee Foward's photo.

                       City Council Members (Current)                                                                 Lunch Box for Daycare Lunch Program                                        Derrick L. Foward, NAACP President 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Dayton Unit                   

What a day.  Well, let me briefly state events.  Today we began with our Monday school lunch program for Creating Moments in Learning, Huber Heights, Ohio daycare/childcare.  Our number of children grew more this Monday than last week.  That is a positive thing!  I don't have time to post all the photos, but we focused on fresh fruits, whole grains, homemade chips and salad!  It was a fun day for the kids tummy.  No sooner than I had completed our childcare lunches, our current City Council Members:  Jan Vargo, Lu Dale & Karen Kaleps stopped by for lunch.  Well, I thought it would just be lunch be we had an amazing time and discussed putting a public service announcement outlining their accomplishments and goals for Huber Heights, in this coming election, November 3, 2015 under Cafe 125 TV (The Reality TV).  We are just trying to provide an equal platform to both parties as we offered to Team Huber.  This will be a Burnmill Productions under Cafe 125.  Shortly thereafter, Derrick L. Foward, the President of NAACP Dayton Chapter visited, and Sir, it was my pleasure and an honor.  More customers, daycare owner, her staff and new faces dined with us!  Today, was just a ....... typical day at Cafe 125!

Taking You To New Heights!

...i told you so ....





September 2015 Website Statistics:

19,941 visitors from all over the world, for the month of September!  18,859 in August 2015.  13,790 July 2015.  Peace and thank you!!!





Like I said.  I should, but I don't.


Have you ever?

Have you ever offered a homeless person begging for money a quarter?  Nickle or dime and they refused it?  Well, that's how I feel with ungratefulness.  "Separated us from them" was necessary.  I've always rode solo.  Like I said, I never intended to have NONE OF THIS!  Never wanted a restaurant.  All I wanted was my Flip-Duo bottle to be bought by Proctor & Gamble, Pepsi or Coca Cola.  But no.  Their feet dragging made me go far and beyond anyones refusal.  I always knew I could do anything, especially after taking college Physics I/II; Organic Chem I/II; and so, so many more sciences and mathematics that I won't even list them because it will sound like I am bragging.  These courseworks let me know I could do anything because I have never done something so difficult and completed it.  Out of 120 college students, only six of us graduated.  I'm one of the six.  All others dropped the course.  No longer looking for help from family, friends, businesses - no one!  Because it took none of them to get me where I am today.  My new goals are, like I said below, "laser focused" goals!  Do I know what I'm looking for?  No!  Just thought that maybe family, friends and the like would help - not even help!  I'm willing to pay money!!!  But their behinds are glued and hands obviously tied with duct tape.  So, that's why "Separated us from them" was necessary.  What I meant from help was: 1) pay a family member to run the store while I do other things; and 2) find a good employee to pay above average salaries (compared to the big shot companies who still pay minimum wage!).

I can't even have the basic to helping me run a company.  So my laser focus, makes me realize what I need and supply my own needs just as I did in the beginning.

Listen entrepreneurs, I've always told you "don't wait for no one."  Well, I was right.




Cafe 125, The Reality TV Show

Next Taping:  October 5, 2015 @ noon (Episode 10) at Cafe 125, The Coffee House & Waffles

Next Taping:  October 19, 2015 @ noon (Episode 11) at Cafe 125, The Coffee House & Waffles

Cafe 125, The Reality TV Show & Cooking segments can be seen on Time Warner cable channels 5, 6 or 23 in Dayton, Riverside, Butler & northern counties; Sundays at 12:30pm.  Also:  Youtube Burnmill Productions



Separated us from them!

Grown a little tired of being too nice.  My constantly trying to help others has just about come to an end ... except for my production company:  Burnmill Productions!  They get it.  Was only waiting for those "who got it."  They don't have "it" and never will.  Fishing in a pond of Cafe 125 -Topplez, where the fish are biting and hungry just for me.  Laser point focus on me, Cafe 125, and Topplez Corporation.  When you all are ready, look me up.   Enough said.

Taking You To New Heights!

.... i told you so .....



Jan Vargo, City Council Member (Current 2015)

I promised you all that I would not do another political event ... well I spoke too soon. 

Jan Vargo, City Council Member (Huber Heigths Ohio - 2015 Current) will be holding a meeting at Cafe 125, The Coffee House & Waffles this coming Monday, October 5, 2015, in the later part of the afternoon.  Our doors will definitely be open to accommodate our current city officials and the offices they uphold.  No television coverage has been scheduled for this City Council's member meeting, and I believe will be private with five guests to also atttend this important City Council meeting!  Super, super delighted that we were selected to serve and help our town officials with providing a professional environment to conduct business ...... Cafe 125, The Coffee House & Waffles ....

Taking You To New Heights!

.... i told you so .....



A Success!


Our new School Lunch program provided to Creating Moments in Learning, Huber Heights, Ohio daycare/childcare was a success!  We had more kids than our proposal answered, but I was delighted to have such a responsibility and a chance to impress our new daycare/childcare clent.  We provide lunches only on Monday's, for now, but another little birdie told me that we may be getting the entire account!  This would be one of my best business moves!  All entrepreneurs should have a business account in providing services.  It's guaranteed!  No waiting for your customers to visit.  We welcome all our new daycare/childcare providers to contact us to discuss meal planning specific for your kids!  In our meal planning for our first Monday:  Salisbury Steak, Mashed Potatoes, Fresh Green Peas, Orange Slices and Fresh Baked Cookie!  All fresh!  No packaged foods here!  Next Monday .... Sandwiches on Whole Grain Bread/Rolls!



Cafe 125 Providing Healthy Lunches for Daycare/Childcare

Visit their facebook link below!  Small class rooms with excellent instructors, licensed, CPR trained, Background checks; a wonderful environment to enroll your child!  Open 6:00am-10:30pm (EST).  An amazing LUNCH PROGRAM provided by Cafe 125, The Coffee House & Waffles - Monday's!




Cafe 125 Reality TV Show:  Episode 9


Today I will show you how I make our Cafe 125 Sandwich Baskets on this Episode of The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show:  "Cafe 125 Cooking" segment.  Like, I was trying to be serious, but it was a tough week!  No sleep, so I get a little silly like a 5 year old.  Ha!  Anyway, our Sandwich Baskets look amazing and our easy to make.  Just use a little imagination, and any vegetables you have in your refrigerator.  Pull out some spices or make your own.  You'll see.  We had an extra guest with us on this taping of this Cafe 125 Cooking segment.

Enjoy Cooking with Cafe 125!

Behind the Scene Photos (not in order of events)



A Burnmill Productions.  Can be seen on Time Warner cable channels 5, 6 or 23 in Dayton, Riverside, Butler & northern counties on Sundays at 12:30; Youtube Burnmill Productions.



Welcome Aboard:  Creating Moments Early Learning Center, Huber Heights, Ohio

Cafe 125, The Coffee House & Waffles will begin providing lunches for Creating Moments Early Learning Center, Huber Heights, Ohio!  We will have a small number of kids to provide meals for, increasing in the Summer, and as they continue to grow.  Thank you for selecting us in providing your students with the best food source and products available in Ohio.  Using some of the most reputable food sources and products such as Simple Truth, Simple Truth Organic fruits, vegetables and Private Selection meats and cheeses.  Recommended daily allowances of whole grains, protein, carbohydrates and fresh fruits utilizing American, with a major focus on European and International standards of a well-balanced lunch program - Monday's!...

We will also following the New Meal Pattern Requirements and Nutrition Standards (2015) set by the USDA's National School Lunch Program with new guidelines for the coming year, which these food requirements are already standard at Cafe 125.  So no big changes there.  Limited saturated fat, Low Fat, Lactose Free, Meat/Meat Alternative food products.









After conducting my research on serving pre-packaged sandwiches in your display, I made some amazing sandwiches today for my own test.  Hopefully, those customers who are in a hurry and are looking for something fresh, delicious and quick, they can select from a variety of our 125 Quik Sandwiches.  Our sandwiches, 125 Handmade Potato Chips, Soup, Salad or Fresh Fruit and Baked Cookie makes an excellent LUNCHBOX for takeout or delivery!  We always prepare fresh, on the spot, however I have had customers come in for something quick, and hopefully, this will satisfy those customers.  None have ever complained that they had to wait for any of their orders, but I am tapping into those who can't wait!



The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show:  Cafe 125 Cooking

Episode 9

Today we filmed Episodes 9 of the Cafe 125 Cooking segment of our Reality TV Show.  We filmed two episodes because I did not prepare before hand - ha!  Your taste buds will llllloooooovvveee this recipe!  Me, I like different things.  And I like fresh food.  I eat meat, sometimes, but not at every sitting.  As I stated yesterday (below regarding lunchbox meals), this episode I focused on foods that we already make, but gives our customers more of a selection of our amazing Deli Gourmet Sandwiches.  We used hearty grains, pretzel rolls, oatmeal bars, baguette and a sour dough-like garlic bread for our CAFE 125 SANDWICH BASKETS.  We also made our own Cafe 125 Potato Chips - without frying!  I sliced the potatoes thin, and sprinkled salt, pepper and garlic before cooking.  Couldn't find my Garam Marsala spice I made a while back.   And our cold soup with todays lunch was WATERMELON GAZPACHO with FETA CHEESE!  Such a delightful recipe!  So refreshing!  So fresh!  Live foods for your body!  Not overcooked.  We also made a few vegetarian sandwiches for our vegetarian guest.  These recipies will make an excellent CAFE 125 LUNCHBOX meal for takeout or delivery entrepreneurs!  Watch our next Episode of:

The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show.  Time Warner cable channels 5, 6 or 23 in Dayton, Riverside, Butler & northern counties; Sundays at 12:30pm.  Youtube Burnmill Productions and Topplez Corporation; or DATV Live Streaming Sundays at 12:30pm.

A Burnmill Productions.


              Homemade Cafe 125 Potato Chips.                                         Watermelon Gazpacho, a cold soup with Almonds, Feta.                             Our final setting for my guests and me.


      We will continue to make our own potato chips.                                  These will be the sandwiches for our lunchbox.                                               Cafe 125 Sandwich Basket






Cafe 125 Lunchboxes To Go!

*125 Deli Gourmet Sandwich
*Cafe 125 Potato Chips (hand-made)
*Fresh Side Salad, Soup, or fresh fruit
*Fresh Cookie


Decided to do something new (as if I'm not always doing something) and make lunch boxes for takeout and delivery.  This is not my first time doing lunch boxes.  Initially, this was for our DAYCARE/CHILDCARE lunch program.  However, I will try making lunch boxes for those in a hurry.  Our lunch boxes will be filled with our 125 Deli Gourmet Sandwich, hand-made potato chips, fresh side-salad, soup or fresh fruit and freshly baked cookie. Makes an excellent presentation.  Lunch on the go!  We deliver to businesses! Call to place your order!

Also, will be adding "125 Quik Board Sandwiches!"  All of our food is made to order - fresh, but for growth reasons, entrepreneurs, I decided to have a small refrigerator display with sandwiches already prepared in tamper-evident packaging.  I made a list of sandwiches that are easy to make and will be our checkout display food items.  I did some research and saw that this may be a smart move.  On Episode 9, of The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show Cooking segment,  I will show you my idea. 



New Store Front Signage 


Designed a new store front signage for over the entrance of the doorway today.  The old one had faded over the past two years from the sunlight, rain, sleet and snow.  I'm sure the same will occur with this one.  However, really like making my own signage.  It states and looks just how I like it without the high costs.  Looked at other businesses signage, and always like my design better.  Plus as the years go by, can always make changes and edits without thousands of dollars.   Now the hard part, finding someone to mount it in the frame.  That's the hardest part.  My first sign did not say all that I wanted because I uploaded my first creation and left out "WAFFLES."  I was disappointed but no use crying over spilled milk, right?  Can't wait to see it mounted. 

Taking You To New Heights!

.... i told you so ....




Starbucks making coffee with protein.  Wonder where they got that idea from?

#ithinkstarbucksceofinallywokeup    #starbucksisoneofour18000pluswebsiteviewers   #starbucksiscopyingstraightup!



It's Now Time

Deleted a lot of events and people related to them.  Had to make room for more things to say and post, plus get tired of posting people's businesses and links.  I can tell that things are growing for them and they can make their own friends and connections. Plus they never do the same for me. Enough already.  Let them feeel the minus Topplez connection.  Just speaking the truth out this mug!  All our new friends, and even myself will have to Google myself to remember all I get myself into. 



Now back to Cafe 125!

OK, entrepreneurs.  Time to bring it on home and focus on us for a bit.  Ok to be nice and help others, but sometimes .... well you know.  All in place.  Now just waiting for our liquor license to serve wine.  Hope that 'little birdie' can speed things along.  We now average 778-1500 hits per day on our website.  Last month almost 19,000 viewers.  New countries found us!  And we like them.    This week (9/14/15) we will be shooting a new Cafe 125 Cooking segment on The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show.  This will be Episode 9.  Episode 10, I believe, we will bring Arpi Agoyan to meet all of you and let's see what she is about and has to say.  Also, its time to visit "Wendy's" and see what this Chicken & Waffles thing is all about! 



Marigold Festival 2015 & Cafe 125


Marigold Festival 2015 took place September 12, 2015.  We were allowed to set up at 0600 to supply all the coffee needs of the vendores and early arrivals, but the actual event did not begin until 11:00am I believe.  I couldn't tell because we were so busy.  Initially it was slow, then we were nonstop.  My best friend and employee, Pam, helped me with this event.  She was the only person I know who is a trooper, not slacker in any way, and works late hours like I do and goes above and beyond for those she cares about - event strangers for that matter.  She operated the cash register while I kept her supplied with coffee.  It has been really warm, here in this part of the United States, however on this morning is was 50 degress!  We were freezing.  Previously it had been 87-92 degrees for the past month!  Just like last year!  So much more happed the past few days, in particular, on 911, but it was not truly Cafe125 related events, so I did not post.  Although, during these unexpected events I did talk with Layron Livingston of WHIO Channel 7 in Ohio, and invited him to Cafe 125.  Let's just end it at that!  All went well.  Not sure if I will do this again next year.  It takes a lot of set up.  They money is good, but too much work.  All my events are a lot of work, but if it were easy, everybody would be doing it, right?  We served Highlander Grogg, Decaffeinated & Traditional Coffee at this years event.  Also, we had our new menu item WAFFLE ROLLS for samples.  Waffles rolled up with sausage, pecans/almonds, bananas and whatever you like, rolled up inside and served hot.  Now, there you go Wendy's since you seem to need new ideas.  Geesh.  I like a little elbow room at my dinner table!  Need room to breathe.

A little birdie told me that my liquor license has been approved.  Waiting for the next and final inspection process, I believe.  Peace





Episode 8:  The Cafe 125 Cooking Segment

"Making Turkish Coffee & Peach Melba"



Here is The Cafe 125 Cooking segment from the other day for THE CAFE 125 REALITY TV SHOW.  Please do not write me letters complaining about how I did or didn't do something correctly.  Thank you.  Anyway, loved doing this type of television for my audience.  I think I can roll with this for a few more episodes because it shows what Cafe 125 is and should be about.  All the politicians, events, parades, etc.. its hard to focus on the core of Cafe 125.  I hope you enjoy this video.  Stayed tuned next episode for more fun at cooking with Cafe 125!  Darn wish I had worn makeup.  I always forget that I am on TV.  I usually rock natural.  Love being real!  But, ... geesh!  Let's be real also.  I could use a little.  Next episode, I will consider it!  Enough already .... enjoy the show!

The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show can be seen on Time Warner cable channels 5, 6 or 23 in Dayton, Riverside, Butler & northern counties; Sundays at 12:30pm.  Youtube Burnmill Productions.  Youtube Topplez Corporation.  DATV Live Streaming Sundays at 12:30pm.

Cardamom:  is a spice made from the seeds of several plants in the genera Elettaria and Amomum in the family Zingiberaceae. Both genera are native to Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Indonesia, Nepal, and Pakistan; they are recognised by their small seed pods, triangular in cross-section and spindle-shaped, with a thin, papery outer shell and small black seeds. Guatemala, where the German coffee planter Oscar Majus Kloeffer introduced Indian cardamom before World War I,[1] has become the biggest producer and exporter of cardamom in the world, followed by India. Some other countries, such as Sri Lanka, have also begun to cultivate it. Elettaria pods are light green, while Amomum pods are larger and dark brown.

                                                                                         Cardamom Seeds              Cardamom Flower

It is the world's third-most expensive spice, surpassed in price per weight only by vanilla and saffron. 


These are still clips from The Cafe 125 Cooking Segment with instructionals on making Peach Melba "Not Like My Mom Used To Make. I started out quite well, only to get a little frustrated with that grill, and the heat generated from such a small instrument.  Anyway, the taste was amazing!!!!  At first bite, I felt the warmth from the grilled peach, then I tasted the sweetness followed by mint.  I really did not taste the raspberry nor the blueberries, but I know what I put in my body was good for me, so I liked it all!  But, the Turkish Coffee ... I am in love!!!  The flavor of the Turkish Coffee with the Peach Melba was the best flavors I have ever tasted .... with ANYTHING!  I have never tasted something so fresh and so different for my taste buds that I must have a cup of Turkish Coffee everyday!  It could be my imagination, but I felt a little different after drinking it, and I did not need another cup of coffee throughout the rest of my day at the Cafe.  Normally, I drink coffee .... ALLLLL DAAAYYY LOOOONG!  The Turkish Coffee satisfied me completely and I think I felt it running through my body.  Not sure, but I think so.  I loved doing this Cooking Segment, and next week I will attempt to make Seitan dishes ... and focus on more items we serve at Cafe 125, The Coffee House & Waffles for EPISODE 9 of The Cafe 125 Cooking Segment!

 ..... Salute!



My Response to Team Huber:  EPISODE 7

Although my camera man and I filmed a response, I only posted it in certain places to give the candidates a fair chance at election time without my opinion influencing the outcome during their greet and meets and at election time.  Below I explained my stance minus the video, but the show aired on television as our  program was scheduled.  My response, Episode 7, remains posted. Thank you and Peace.



Team Huber and Cafe 125

Ok.  Here is the footage from the taping of Team Huber Public Forum, addressing a citizen in the audience and laying out their agenda if elected to City Council, Huber Heights, Oh.  Filmed at Cafe 125, The Coffee House and Waffles. Aired as a separate entity for The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show; August 15, 2015.  It was a great turnout for Team Huber, to me.  Lots of orders. Thank you for dining and choosing us as your place to dine!  Unfortunately, I only met one candidate, officially - Richard Shaw.


 Production: Burnmill Productions for DATV





Behind the Scenes of Episode 8:  The Cafe 125 Cooking Segment


                 Before the taping of The Cafe 125 Cooking Segment                                               .... and after the taping of my Reality TV Show

Today (9/1/15) we filmed Episode 8 of The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show.  I enjoyed shooting this episode so much!  This was our first cooking segment for my reality tv show:  The Cafe 125 Cooking Segment!  Today I made lunch for a guest.  You'll see.  I made authentic Turkish coffee served with grilled Peach Melba which you have heard me talk about, now you will see me make it on television.  Well, for you, or most of you, on Youtube video.  All other local viewers can see my reality show on Time Warner cable channel 5, 6, or 23 .... see below station announcement.  Anyway,  watch our amazing cooking segment and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed filming it.  (A Burnmill Productions)

The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show can be seen on Time Warner cable channels 5, 6 or 23 in Dayton, Riverside, Butler & northern counties; Sundays at 12:30pm. Burnmill Productions Youtube.  Topplez Corporation Youtube.  DATV Live TV Streaming Sundays at 12:30pm.








Made some changes; some recently and some awhile back.  Of course, you've heard me mention the Turkish coffee, espresso cups for takeout, my new Wine List and licensing, but I also removed the only carpet that was in the 2nd dining room. I put down tile, which is more sanitary to me.  I also changed the colors of the window seat cushion yesterday. The other slowly faded from being in the direct sunlight.  Today, just a moment ago, the manager of Rip Rap Road house came to visit.  He normally stops in once or twice per day for coffee, espresso, cucumber lemonade ... all liquid items.  He asked for espresso today and I tried the Haseeb Turkish coffee and it clogged up my espresso machine.  Too fine for this instrument so I had to make it THE REAL WAY!  Induction heat apparatus!  Added raw sugar, let warm followed by one scoop of Haseeb.  Let it settle, then stirred.  Watched my foam roll from the sides of my authentic ibrik.  Let rise three times.  Let settle, collected his foam .... you know.  Even gave him a glass of water.  Gotta make my Turkish delights today.  Amazon customer just left. Thank you. She has a credit of $5-6 for super savings on drinks.  Well, .... Peace.



Cafe 125 Chicken & Waffles Syrup!  NEW FLAVOR!


Created a new flavor to enhance your Chicken & Waffles experience at Cafe 125, The Coffee House & Waffles, Huber Heights, Ohio!  TIRAMISU!  Just about right, huh?  Can you taste it now?  Two crispy-fried chicken wings, with a hot, fluffy and crispy, Belgian waffle with a selection of hot sauces or Siracha Thai Honey created by one of our local manufacturers, left as a sample to try!  I recommend MOSCATO or CHARDONNAY CHATEAU, a hot cup of TURKISH COFFEE or one of our amazing Specialty Hot Coffee Liqueurs!  See you soon!  Open 8am-6pm Monday thru Saturday!  Always made fresh, never sitting ... hope you have 15 minutes for a fresh, hot delicious meal served all day at Cafe 125 WE DELIVER TO LOCAL BUSINESSES from 8am-6pm!

.... i told you so ....





Through All The Hate & Prejudice in the U.S., You've Managed to Unite Us!  Thank You.  You've Done It Again!


      His Half StepSister, Step Grandmother, Auma Obama                                    President signs a Guest Book                                                                       His Step-Grandmother 



                    Hugs his Step Sister                                                             Kenyan Artist Paints His Arrival and Seating                             Revival of Entrepreneurship, & Business Opportunities

With all the racial tensions in the U.S.   The few at the top has managed to bring those of us at the bottom, together.  Thanks to Donald Trump, and many conservatives who tried to separate and divide our people, nation and the world!  Evil never wins.  Neither does the Devil. 




Mr. President Visits Family in Kenya!  Powerful!


Seen so many negative, racially toned comments on Yahoo and other sites.  But please come to know, this is my personal rant and opinion, he has already proven himself serving two terms as the President of these United States!  He has nothing further to prove to anyone!  Most comments I read were that he "should stay there;" another comment said "Michele Obama can wear grass native skirts;" peoples "monkey" and "gorilla" comments, and many other insensitive racial comments.  Learn something from me ... none of these requests or comments hurt African Americans feelings anymore.  Perhaps returning to Kenya after serving for this great country for two terms is not a bad idea for anyone of color to consider.  It would just be a topper already on his masterful cake with flares, sparklers and streams of confetti and a parade to match!   Everyone wants to know where they came from.  African Americans are no different.  Wanting to go to Africa is not a bad thing.  Many return home to Israel.  Many return home to Europe.  Many return home to Puerto Rico.  Many return home to Brazil.  Many return home to the Phillippines.  Nothing wrong with returning home to Africa.  This too shall pass.  And you too will move past this.

Peace out.

P.S.:  I love a good fitting native grass skirt.  I could pass on the tradition to my family here and abroad.  Peace.



Just goes along with the adventure

Tonight, I was at Speedway Gas Mart (one of the popular chains out here in the Midwest (Ohio)) and the clerk said, "I saw you on TV for Cafe 125."  I said, "When?  Sunday?"  She said "No.  It was ... I think Friday or Saturday.  I watched the whole show."  Thank you. 

Burnmill Productions for The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show; Sundays at 12:30 on Time Warner cable channels 5, 6 or 23 in Dayton, Riverside, Butler and northern counties.  Looks like you can see it on Fridays or Saturdays, as well.  Thank you DATV!





Richard Shaw (Ward 1), Janell Smith (Ward 2), Glenn Otto (At-Large) & Richard Stan (Ward 6) your City Council Candidates & At-Large Candidate will hold their PUBLIC FORUM at Cafe 125, The Coffee House & Waffles; August 15th at 10:00 AM!  Come see and hear what's happening in Huber Heights!  Thank you TEAM HUBER for choosing us as your place for this political PUBLIC FORUM.


                                         City Council Candidates Public Forum, August 15th, 2015 @ 10:00AM at Cafe 125!

4456 Powell Road, Huber Heights, Ohio 45424

Come Meet Your Candidates for City Council!  Hear their Agenda for Huber Heights!

Free to the Public  -  Limited Space



Dear Chipotle, Starbucks, Taco Bell & Whomever:

Cafe 125, The Coffee House & Waffles was already doing delivery!  Google the dates we first announced our delivery.  Thank you!







Huber Heights 4th of July Parade 2015


Taylor, Brittney, my Cafe 125 Staff, and Payton the Poet, and of course, the City of Huber Heights and its participants made this all happen again this year for Cafe 125 and the community.  We were .... the Floating Cafe .... as last year.  As you can tell from the smiles, the ladies and gentlemen had a smashing good time.  There are so many more photos to post, but I think you see where we are coming from.   Making memories, I would say!  Thank you all for your continued support all around the world! 

Peace & Blessings



Vintage Cafe 125 Collection

These photos are from the Vintage Cafe 125 Collection, a series of photos taken inside Cafe 125, The Coffee House & Waffles, Huber Heights, Ohio for marketing purposes.   Featured:  Jessica, Taylor & Marissa; Photographer: Tiffanie







Our Very Own Time Slot, Finally! 

The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show has been given a regular time slot of Sundays at 12:30pm; Time Warner cable channel 5, 6 or 23 in Dayton, Riverside, Butler and northern counties.  Can also be seen streaming live via DATV cable access on-line.  Youtube Burnmill Productions.  Youtube Topplez Corporation.  



Episode 5:  The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show (Behind-the-Scene Photos)

Here are photos from the filming of The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show featuring Brittany Nicole!  Always so much fun at my place, even though I'm always sleepy.  Guests included:  King of Oils, Stan the Barber of ManUP Barbershop (Facebook), and Chris Williams of Weduzit Vintage/Thrift Shop (Facebook).  Here you will finally meet our Barista 125 Guy, Mr. Matthew, who has been with us for close to one year, and is camera shy.  But this time, not sure what possessed him to smile this time for the cameras!  He is super with providing excellent service!  Trains all our staff as they arrive.  He's one of our best employees!

Guests:  Brittney, King of Oils, Weduzit, and Stan-the-Barber


              Weduzit Vintage/Thrift Shop, Dayton, OH                                              Weduzit Vintage/Thrift Shop budda                                        Mr. Matthew & Brittany (lesson time)








Super Savings this Summer at Café 125, The Coffee House & Waffles
Enjoy $10 to Spend at Café 125!  A Savings of 50%!

Enjoy our amazing Gourmet Deli Sandwich Combos; our Hot Belgian Waffles and Chicken; Flatbread Sandwiches with Soup; 125 Summer Salads, and your favorite Frappuccino would make an amazing lunch special! 

New Flavors of Frappuccino:  Cheesecake Frappuccino! Also, Vanilla Bean, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Cotton Candy, Mocha, Whimsical-in-Paris ... and more!  Over 18 coffee house flavors to choose from or fruit flavors for a delicious smoothie!

Thank you and enjoy!

Model:  Brittney




 My Wheelchair Scene:  Short Film "DRIVE" by Holly Hudson


                                                                                                                         Sumayah Chappelle

A Short Film:  "DRIVE" by Holly Hudson 

I did not know I was playing the "mother" to Dave Chappelle's niece Sumayah Chappelle, in this movie!  I am such a fortunate person to have been given this opportunity without seeking it out.  A person sent the producer a message and told her about me, and all my experiences in New York, I responded back and that's how it all started!  Too amazing, right?!  No, I do not want to be a star, but I will be in a movie shooting this weekend 6/21/15 (if the weather permits).   I will play [40 year old, Arican American mental patient in a wheelchair with a 12 year-old daugter who will be stroking my hair]. Bwaa haaaa! Sounds just about right! Thank you to the producer/directors who selected me for this non-speaking role! Will post as soon as complete and I have a copy or link to upload.   Thank you to all of you.  Peace




CLIPS FROM EPISODE 3:  The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show featuring Brooke Kylie Howard


The clips above are from EPISODE 3 of our Reality TV Show!  Here, it shows Brooke K. meeting Mr. P, one of our patrons who frequents our Cafe.  Payton the Poet is what we call him.  He has performed at our Cafe when we had our very first Poetry Reading with Elaine, the Gospel Poets, and a few other talented individuals who shared their amazing works that evening.  Well, Mr. Payton still frequents our Cafe.  Enjoying his sausage n' cheese wraps while we listen to some of his latest works in writing.  He is known as the Controversial Figure of the Educated Lyricist!  Brooke is also featured on Episode 4 of The Cafe 125 Reality TV Show and you will be falling off your seats in laughter.  This was a day where I had NO sleep, at all and when I'm sleepy, I get silly.  Watch for Episode 4.  It's all real!  No planning.  They caught me at the wrong time on Episode 4!  Thank you Brooke Howard!




Huber Heights 4th of July Parade 2015 (Photos Below from 4th of July 2014)   

It's almost that time of the year again everyone!  The Huber Heights 4th of July Parade 2015!  Last year we were the "Floating Cafe" and the Barista 125 Gals passed out mini milkshakes (see our actual photos below) and mini cupcakes (actual photo) as we made our way through to the end of the event.  Some Barista Gals below attended and some could not for other reasons.  It was the first for us, and I believe the first for a moving cafe!  This year's event is fast approaching and we have all new staff to help out with this community held event!  There are so many more participants than last year.  City officials, State Representatives, WPAFB bands, Fire, Police and many businesses participated.  We hope to see you there this coming July 2015! 


This year, I have not fully decided on how we will present ourselves to the community.  I just know it will be in an upstanding way!  Thanks to the City of Huber Heights for such an amazing event scheduled for this coming July 4, 2015!



Upcoming Marigold Festival:  September 12, 2015

Thank you City of Huber Heights!  So very much!!!!


                                                                                        MARIGOLD FESTIVAL 2014


                      (Photos Above:  Marigold Festival 2014 with Brandi Boo and Rose Smith, Barista 125 Gals.  We were the "Outdoor Cafe.")




Cafe 125 Gourmet Teaser  & Cafe 125 Vanilla Complex B


     Pit Stop Drive Thru, Old Troy Pike, Huber Heights, OH                                          Clark Gas Station, Old Troy Pike, Huber Heights, OH   

Distributors call  (937) 718-2236 for special pricing and distribution info.  I have over 150 stores in New York, Ohio, Connecticut & Texas that need placement and monitoring of Cafe 125 cold-coffee's.  New stores and locations are welcome.  Please have your distributor contact us at (937) 718-2236 to join our team!