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Dobro pozalovat!


Dun shy lah!

Kalós orisate!




 Join us LIVE on "LIVING DAYTON"  for our recipe and a cooking demonstration of our winning combination:


When:  March 31, 2014

Channel:  WDTN TV 2

"I'll reveal some of my secret ingredients and recipe for my delicious batter for the perfect crispy-fried chicken wings, & delicious Hot, Fluffy  Belgian Waffles, that can stand alone!  Our Barista 125 Gal, Amanda McLovinn, will help me with this live cooking demonstration!"

Thank you to the Producer and Hosts for such an opportunity and the showcase of:

Cafe 125, The Coffee House & Waffles

4456 Powell Road, Powell Shopping Plaza, Huber Heights, OH 45424

1 (937) 718-2236  

Open:  Tues - Sun 8am-6pm


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Welcome Friends from .......

United States           Ukraine                          Italy                                     Guinea

Canada                         Australia                      Chile                                     Russian Federation

Great Britain           Brazil                               Japan                                   Afghanistan

Germany                    Portugal                        India                                     Turkey

France                          China                              Netherlands                     Philippines

Kuwait                          Hong Kong                  Former Czechoslovakia

Denmark                     Venezuela                   Israel

Puerto Rico                 Romania



The Topplez Corporation, with my headquarters in New York and offices here in Ohio, I bring

 to you the home of Topplez Corporation's products and Coffee House, where my goal is to

 'create everlasting childhood memories in tastes and things you can remember.Remember

when chocolate taste like chocolate?  And you woke up to cold milk bottles outside your front

door?  This list could go on and on.  Using the best ingredients to create a healthy, cold-coffee

alternative, energy drinks are out and healthy is in!  Don't let the copy-cats fool you.  Being the

first, means we have learned to provide you with the best in cold-coffee beverages. 


What is "125" ?

I am the beverage manufacturer of the cold-coffees:  125 Cafe Gourmet and 125 Vanilla

Complex-B, made with 100% Arabica Coffee Espresso from the fields of Colombia, Organic Vanilla

Enriched Soy, & Pure Spring Water; are just some of the basic ingredients of both my cold-coffees.

Each one formulated to suit your taste buds and your bodies needs.  125  has 125 mg of caffeine

per 8 oz serving, 13 grams of  muscle-building protein, blended with 10 different chocolates, nuts

& creams for a smooth, creamy, delicious cold-coffee alternative.  The protein used in my

cold-coffees contain Chlorophyll, Spirulina, Inisitol, Bromelain, Papaya, complete Vitamin B

Complexes (B1,B2,B3,B5,B6,B9,B11, and B19) and Apple pectin fibres, to aid in the metabolism of

proteins and carbohydrates in the body.  My cold-coffee's are for  TRUE connoisseurs with

exquisite taste!     As always, ........... Taking You To New Heights!



Topplez Cafe 125 News & Updates

(December 2014)






December 28, 2014 will be the one year anniversary since the opening of Cafe 125,

The Coffee House & Waffles! Yeah.....  I have dolled up our 2nd dining room with stage

curtains, spot lights and a microphone stand for artists convenience.  We will have

hors d'oeuvre, light spirits and entertaining for our visiting guests on that day into the

evening.  Hours will be the same (8am-6pm). You all are welcome to stop by for a light

snack, and spirits to welcome in the coming New Year.  Come Meet New People and Make

New Friends at Cafe 125, The Coffee House & Waffles.



IMAGE The Gospel Rapper  5:15-6:00

Elaine Saffold (Writer/Author/Poet) 3:00-3:40

Belly Dancing

Demont The Gospel Rapper  5:15-6:00

Payton The Poet  5:00 - 5:15

 .... and more!  

Light hors' doeuvres, gourmet cheese sparkling ciders, food always to order!



 Artist:  "IMAGE" of the United Kingdom

  Genre:  Gospel/Rapper



     Elaine Saffold





 Artist:  "Demont"

Genre:  Gospel/Rapper




I got this idea by Googling "curtain ties."  Spoons for curtain ties! Just something a little

different.  Our 2nd dining room and its decor.  Still a New York style


Thank you, Matthew

A gift from our Youth Works student, Mr. Matthew. I love our Youth Works young adults. I

wish they'd stay forever, but they'll grow up and move on.  Thanks Youth Works!



ROMANIA! Ce Mai Faci?

New friends in Romania.  Hello and how are you?  Hope you all are well and thank you for your

support and viewings.  Peace!


Fogle's Plastering & Beyond  

Thank you to our wonderful friends, the Fogle's, for patronizing Cafe 125, The Coffee House &

Waffles.  They have been faithful customers since our opening.  Thank to you and your

construction crew for their patronage this morning and always.  Love his wife and their

spirit.  One of Angie's List pick for excellence in building and design!   

Peace to you and your family!





Cafe 125 Poole

Well, since Cafe 125, The Coffee House & Waffles seems to be like Fantasy Island, where

what you ask for you get (the strangest thing), we started a lottery poole.   Now, when

things come true, we just look at one another like ... o-k.  Well, today we started a

Cafe 125 MegaMillion Lottery poole.  Our business, and a few other businesses, joined

together today in our first ticket.  It would be the coolest if the entire neighborhood, some

200 neighbors, participated in a giant community lottery poole!  It would be amazing to see!

Well, good luck on our first run.  Our deadline is every Tuesday night for the nightly drawing. 

A few customers joined in.  I think this is awesome.  The planning of this between all of us

was fun in itself.  We were laughing, talking ... it was a wonderful feeling and day just

dreaming, planning how'd it work, and all are welcome to join!


New "Events" Page

Over the years, I forget all the events and family festivals we have participated in, so I created

an "Events" page to gradually list our events, details and more so that I can keep track of our

participations in the community.  This also eliminates a loooong list of News & Updates over time.

Check back every now and then for up-to-date announcements, photos and event info on our

new page.



My Words of Wisdom From the CEO

I just want to thank all the viewers, and customers from around the world who take the time

to show their support in patronizing our businesses and our website.  All the countries from

around the world that I list above and below are what makes this possible and gives me hope

in a better world where we can all come together in some common grounds, ... even if its

a smile or two, or three. We cannot fix the world, but I know how my heart feels about the

world.  I can only surround myself with positive people and things that bring true happiness

to me and my staff.  My goal for the Topplez Corporation's has always been to Create Everlasting

Childhood Memories in Tastes And Things You Can Remember, which as a child, many, not all,

have wonderful memories when things were simple and pure.  Well, Topplez Corporation is

going back to when things were simple and pure and we welcome all those who are looking to

return to a simpler life. Truly thanks for feelings of love and support.

Peace & Blessings and Happy Holidays!

... i told you so....



Merry X-Mas, Early, To Cafe 125!

Thank you, Mr. L, for thinking of us early in the holiday season.  Peace & Blessings

to you and your family.  Mr. L has been a customer for about 9 months.  Loves our

sandwiches and Chicken & Waffles.  Usually he gets both, eats one now, and saves the

other for the next day, he says.  Thanks anyway! 


Public Options

Some poor souls have sought me out and I believe we have all grown tired of being separate

when things could be so much easier.  My next big move .... going Public! I will discuss this

with the Franchise venturer and another soul who is looking for something to throw money

into.  Things will surely roll after this.  I have many great ideas and have an awesome new

Cafe 125 design idea.  It will be the place of life! Still the same concept but the decor .... ! 

Huh!  Can't touch this!


Franchise Opportunities!

Well, I have a customer who has patronized Cafe 125, The Coffee House & Waffles

since we (I) opened.  He invests in things and had sought into opening a Subway as a

business venture, however, since being a customer he loves the freshness of our foods,

in particular, our Gourmet Deli Sandwiches and comes for our sandwiches every couple of

days since we opened.  He approached me Sunday (12/7/14) with an offer for franchising

out Cafe 125.  He would keep the same concepts and asked if I could find a cook such as

myself, and if not could I be the cook at the establishment so the quality would be the

same and great care taken in preparation.  No need to part with my formulas. Yeah!

I'm on it!  Location would be in Ohio, not certain of the County.  We discussed Royalties

and a few other things that needs ironing out.  Thanks for your support ..... I'm almost

crying at this one.


Our Current 2014 Barista 125 Gals & Youth Staff

Over the past year, our staff has changed.  If you don't see them in our Flipsnack book, they are no longer an

employee.  Time for all of us to move on.  It was fun while it lasted - now .... the end! 


Huber Heigths Parade July 4, 2014 ("The Floating Cafe")

Enjoy images from the 2014 4th of July Parade for the City of Huber Heights.  Many officials were

present to join us on the memorable occassion.  We were the "floating cafe."  I set our Cafe up

on wheels, with tables, chairs, a coffee bar, menu board and our lovely Barista 125 Gals in tow.

I made mini milkshakes and mini cupcakes to give to the road side residents of Huber.  We received

a lot of support from the onlookers and County Officials. Thanks Huber Heights!


Harland Sanders

Business 101 Advanced Course (Chapter 8, Para 2b.ii) Find you a mentor!  If you don't

know him, Harland Sanders, Google him and look at his videos on Integrity and Dreams.  Follow

these steps, he says, and its a sure bet!  I think he means his secret ingredients, but I could

apply that any business.  I must have rewound them all about four times each.  Look at the

dedication in his eyes .. true technique and vision.



I phoned our new distributor of my cold coffee beverages Cafe 125, and I assured him I send

some new samples this week.  I am a very busy person and squeezing one more hour or two

out of 28 hours a day is not working.  But, I have to put on my big-girl pants and keep pushing.

To all the entrepreneurs who remember when no one would listen ... you gotta keep moving

forward.  There will be time to rest later.  This is an excerpt from my book Business Course 101

and Business 101 Advanced Course.


Business 101 Advanced Course (Chapter 3.1b):  Let's go back to simple marketing.  Remember when

there were no social media sites and businesses grew on the foundation and principles of a "good"

product.  Giants like Sears, Panasonic, Frigidaire, Whirlpool and others who built their successes

on integrity.  Last paragraph:  Let's Get back to the Basics!  Get drinks back in my 150 stores!

I can only accomplish more than my 150 stores if I get a manufacturer to bottle, label and stock

my beverages.  But I'd have to give them my formula, which I am not too comfortable with.  Did

Harland Sanders sell his formula?  Did Coca Cola to accomplish mass productions?



                Nabali's IGA Friendly, Dayton, OH                               Marathon Gas Mart, Riverside, Dayton, OH






Well, customers have been asking and I've been waiting for our new MENU cards.  They look

great and are easy to keep in your car, purse or locker to have us close to your heart, or

stomach.  I prefer stomach since I hear it grumbling for our Chicken & Waffles!  Come get

yours before they are all gone again.  Don't worry we'll get more! Super Savings and Cafe 125 beverages!

Our super SAVINGS on our specialty coffee drinks is still going on.  Just log onto or click on the link above to be on your way to super savings on all your

favorite hot or cold specialty drinks! Over 18 delicious coffee flavors to choose from or

mix and match up new and interesting flavors!



A little Bit of Me

Well, those who have seen me grow from the start finally know who I am and what I look like.

I've been hiding behind my cartoon characters for many years, but the TV cooking segment

on WDTN TV2, Living Dayton revealed to all what I've been hiding.  Well anyway ... hello.

OK.  Like I said in earlier paragraphs, we have been busy with the 4th of July Huber Heights

Parade (as the floating cafe); catered events for others; grand openings for businesses;

invitations to the Marigold Festival 2014; and other invites throughout the Ohio.  I'd have to

Google myself to see all the things I've participated.  My goals are the same but more targeted.

My style with Topplez products, ideas and Cafe 125, The Coffee House & Waffles are pretty

good ones, I think, and so does my copy   ters (lol).  I like the people who find us as a

great place to dine, work and relax like the Unions, Arbitrators & Reps, radio station executives,

local schools, Montgomery County administrators, Youth Works, churches, our international

friends from all over, which I'd like to see if they ever visit.  I still route for the underdogs

and misfortunates.  Working with new businesses like "Bennie's" Good Olde Chicken and Pork

Rub (photo soon).  Her rubs are available at Dorothy Lane Market, in Ohio.  I don't eat pork,

but I support new businesses for ... I remember a time when no one would listen, return my

phone calls, nor emails.   So I help others as much as I can. 

Well Peace & Blessings.

.... i told you so ...




Welcome new friends in Former Czechoslovakia and Hong Kong.  I may fuss and rant some-

times, but its all in fun, correction ... I usually mean it, but I may say it in a funny way.

Now, that's more like it.  Welcome and thank you for your support. Peace



Well, been so busy its hard to post everything, so I have decided to focus on our website as

our main way of communicating with our followers.  We've deactivated our Facebook (Whoo

hoo) and hope you'll follow us here as always. Grew tired of 206 Friends, when our friends

here reach 6,000-15,000+ each month all over the world!  This is exciting!  Nothing wrong

with the 206 Friends, just grew tired of the publicans, and those who visit me here, knew 

I was looking for something new to save me from the Facebook humdrums and Big Brother

technical support staffers; where they block you for sending friend requests and honest

networking, but booty posting, gun-toting, weed smoking & graphic violence, beheadings and

whatever else makes it to post.  Couldn't take the double standards!

Peace & Blessings and thank you for your support!

... i told you so ...




Hello, and who are you?

Yes, meet our newest Youth Barista 125 Gal, Suevenia, of Youth Works, Dayton, Ohio.

She has been amazing since her start last month.  She attends High School and College!

Super smart and ambitious.  Wheeling, dealing and juggling multiple things, it is a true

pleasure having her aboard!  We hope she continues with us throughout next years placement.

She is a talented teen R&B singer and we hope to feature her in upcoming shows and promos,

in conjunction with Bookoo Studios and the world-renowned Troutmans (Zapp)!  With Bookoo

Studio joining forces with the Roger Troutman family of musicians and the Zapp clan, we are

..... Taking You To New Heights! ... i told you so ....




Let's Help Barb!

She said "YES!" 

Well, I have overheard one of my favorite cashiers at Kroger's has been having a tough

battle with Liver Cancer and all that goes along with the Chemotherapy and Radiation - her

second series of treatments.  She is down to 86 lbs.  She just happened to call in to

Kroger's, tonight, while I was shopping at approximately 0412 hours (EST).  And the rest

seems God-sent:  Another cashier told her that a customer has been asking about her -

that customer would be me.  The coworker put Barb on the phone and I asked Barb if

Cafe 125 could put a donation box at our store location to help her out with small things

that I heard she couldn't keep up with, like her cell phone and gas and electric.  Some odd

rules keeps Krogers' from allowing collection for their own employees.  She has been an

employee at Krogers for, I believe, some 22 years. 



                                                Help BARB

Please visit our store location and leave a bit of change for Barb.  Her store location is

Krogers, Old Troy Pike, Huber Heights location - but she is currently undergoing another

round of chemotherapy and has not been able to return to work.  Help us help Barb, she

is a part of all of us!  Every little bit will help make a difference.


God sent:  I asked the coworker "Why did Barb call in tonight?"  She said "I don't know, she 

was just calling."  Mind you, Barb works 1st shift and I have never known her to call in

at night.  Funny thing, that co-worker was just filling in for a vacationing employee

and I had asked her about Barb two nights before - explaining that I was a concerned

customer.  Well, that's why I say God-sent. 




Our $1.25 Menu Board has been overwhelmingly successful, providing food and making

healthy foods available to those who may be having a tough time, financially, and hungry.

We have seen increased orders from our Menu Board from Huber Heights local residence, as

many - most of these customers are working and stop by for a quick breakfast item and

return for lunch, EVERY day!  JUDY'S PET & GROOMING, located a few doors down, are now

frequent buyers, ordering breakfast, lunch, snacks ... you name it! What started out as one

order, now they are ordering for their entire staff from our $1.25 MENU BOARD - daily! Our

Menu Board still provides the same Simple Truth Organic & Private Selection Meat items,

and natural products for our customers.


After today's Avon Meeting, I found that it was no problem including additional items to

our menu board without a loss:


        White Meat Chicken Wrap w/ Lettuce, Sauce ...........................$1.25

        BBQ Chicken Wrap w/ Lettuce ...............................................$1.25

        Vegetarian Wrap w/ Special Sauce .........................................$1.25

        Sausauge n' Cheese Wrap ....................................................$1.25

        Egg n' Cheese Wrap .............................................................$1.25

        Hash Brown ........................................................................$1.25

        Mini Slider Hamburger  (Lettuce/Tomato $0.50 Extra) ..............$1.25

        Mini Slider Cheeseburger (Lettuce/Tomato $0.50 Extra) ...........$1.25

        Tossed Salad ..................................................................... $1.25

        Cup-of-Soup (Of The Day) ....................................................$1.25

        Fruit Cup w/Yogurt ..............................................................$1.25

        Ice Cream Sundae (1 Scoop w/ Topping) ................................$1.25

        Medium (Regular) Coffee 12oz/ .............................................$1.25

                            (Ask for my special sauce!)




Click here for a link to special offers and super savings on our Chicken & Waffles, 5-Punch

Card Specialty Coffee Drink Offers, Cafe 125 Summer Salads and more ..... !




You Can Now Place Your Order On-Line


You can now place your order on-line! Fill out the Order Form below and place your order for

pickup or delivery (to businesses in Huber Heights, only). After we receive notification of your

order, we will call you back within 10-15 minutes with confirmation! Thanks for Your Support

and Order!  Click HERE for Our On-Line Order Form

We Accept Cash or Credit Cards (MasterCard/Visa/Discover)

Call Now  (937) 718-2236

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EZEKIEL 4:9 (Holy Bible)

"Take wheat and barley, beans and lentils, millet and spelt; put them in a storage jar and

use them to make bread for yourself.  You are to eat it during the 390 days you lie on your

side."  Bread and food of Life!  I like Private Selection, but I am loving Ezekiel Organic Bread.

Only at Cafe 125, The Coffee House & Waffles, 4456 Powell Road, Huber Heights, OH; (937)

718-2236.  Come dine with us in this laid-back setting, in New York Style!  Remember, don't

let the copy cats fool ya'! (11/12/14)



Taking You To New Heights! .... i told you so ....



A "Good Morning" Gourmet Deli Sandwich

Two fried eggs, Private Selection Honey Smoked Turkey, Lettuce, Tomato, Mayonnaise, Organic

Greens, Banana Peppers on Private Selection Sweet Hawaiian Loaf  & Homefries!  That's the

way he likes it .....!  Thanks for your business ManUP Barbershop, Huber Heights, OH!




Organic WHEATGRASS Shots!

Wheatgrass germinated and sprouts from Organic Seeds!  Come get your food of life!  I was

surprised to find some customers who have never heard of Wheatgrass, let alone Wheatgrass

shots.  I didn't have time to post all the valuable properties of wheatgrass but it is fundamentally

the food of life!  Try them early in the morning, in your protein shakes or smoothies!  Sweet

tasting ... naturally!


1 oz shot  $4.00       w/ Beets & Wheatgrass $3.75

2 oz shot  $7.50       w/ Beets & Wheatgrass $7.25



A Beautiful Purpose Rose, from a Thoughtful Customer

A fairly new customer to Cafe 125, just brought us a Rose. She caught me at a bad

time last week after hearing some awful news, and the loss of one of our Barista 125

Gals and thought this would make me smile.  Totally awesome!  Amazing customers

for an amazing employee   gone too soon.



Montgomery County Ohio Youth Works Program

We are now a proud member of Ohio Youth Works Program - helping young adults learn

valuable work skills for entering the work force!  We have two new employees whom

began just last week!  Welcome to Cafe 125!




Cafe 125 Chicken & Waffles Syrups


My amazing butter-flavored syrups are much more popular that the household named

brands here at Cafe 125Coconut, Hazelnut, Roasted Chestnuts, Rasperry, Almond

Mocha, Egg Nog and Peanut Butter are some of the  most requested flavors when

customers order Chicken & Waffles with two crispy-fried chicken wings (in our male

commercial voiceover way)!  But, we've also made new friends ... like Chef Lee Anne House,

creator of Sriracha Sweet-Hot Thai Chili Sauce and Thai Chili Hot Honey, and Randy Combs

a local manufacturer of his own hot sauce line: Spicey Rooster (

both enhancing your Chicken & Waffles experience at Cafe 125, The Coffee House & Waffles.

She can be found on Facebook at




                    Chef Lee Anne House's Sriracha                     Randy Combs' "Spicey Rooster"


                                                            Ms. Johnella Bell's Rub





Tea Party Package Deals 


"TEA PARTY PACKAGE DEALS": Let us put together your little darlings
Tea Party at Cafe 125, The Coffee House & Waffles. We'll give your little
one the perfect set-off on this very special occassion. All you'll need to do
is just .... show... up!

Designer cupcakes, cookies, candies, beautifully designed tea cups/saucers,
table dressings and decorations that are magazine cover worthy!

2-4 hour (Package Deals: Includes All for 4-6 little darlings).
Contact us at (800) 580-6068 to schedule your next TEA PARTY!

Private accommodations are welcome.
PACKAGE DEALS:  1 hour     2 hours    3 hours
Kids:  4-6  (more kids, please let us know so we can accommodate)